Cruising Right Into Love (Pride Cruise 2024) by JP Sayle

Cruising Right Into Love is JP Sayles contribution to the Pride Cruise 2024 collaboration. Is a low angst high heat easy summer read.

From the blurb:

A new life brings hope. But will it also bring Victor pain - or the love he craves?   

A chance meeting leads Victor Newton to the quiet town of Sweet Haven. Beaten and broken, he finds something totally unexpected. Friends who are more like family. A job he loves and a home of his own. But there's a fly in the ointment. He’s crushing on someone who knows about Victor's past. Someone already spoken for.

Paramedic Denton Colby meets Victor his first day in town under awful circumstances that leave a lasting impression. Denton feels protective towards the gorgeous blond, but as time passes and he watches Victor flourish, so do the feelings he’s kept hidden. Strong feelings he thinks would frighten Victor, who has no idea Denton is bisexual. Denton attempts to move on with his life, dating Nese.

But something isn't working.

When Denton hears Victor is going on a gay pride cruise as part of a wedding party, he decides it’s time to take a chance, and joins the trip. Now all he needs is for Victor to open his eyes and see him as more than a friend.

Welcome to Pride Cruise 2024! Where the water is crisp, the men are HOT, and the party has started! Each book is a standalone but feel free and dive in and binge them all. You won't want to miss a second of their naughty antics. If you think they're silly when the sun is up, just wait until it goes down.

Molly Otto's Review:

An all around fun sweet summer read. Denton met Victor at his lowest just out of an abusive relationship and not yet ready to really feel anything. Three years later, Vic is ready to date again, and Denny fears he put too much of a wall to protect themselves from future heartbreak. When an opportunity permits itself, Denny sees it as his chance to show Vic how much he means to him. The relationships Victor builds in his new life show how much he has changed and is able to move forward. It was a fun story of found family and moving on without being overly angsty as it could have led. Once the romance starts, things do move quickly, but at the same time, not really they both had these feelings for a while, just to ensure how to take that next step. One of those sit back and enjoy by the pool reads.

Wlf_forest's Review:

Really enjoyed this book. Recovering from a traumatic past Victor was crushing on Denton who is too scared to approach Victor in case of scaring him and also because he was in a stop-gap relationship which he ended. Going on a cruise to celebrate friends’ wedding seems the perfect way to approach Victor and to start a relationship. When they finally got together it’s hot hot hot!

A lovely setting for a wedding and a chance to fall in love whilst amongst friends who are supportive and encouraging. It’s time to cruise!

Angel's Review:

I usually always enjoy JP's writing and this book is no exception. Victor has had a really rough time with relationships, the last relationship he was in was with a man who abused him, mentally, physically, and emotionally. A few years after he gained his freedom from that despicable man, he realizes that he's started to have feelings for Denton. But the man is dating a woman, so he can't be interested in guys.. right?

Denton has had feelings for Victor for longer than he realized, but he's dating Nese and doesn't know how to tell Victor about his he feels. The cruise gives him the perfect opportunity to lay all his cards on the table, will things work out? Or will the cruise be full of tension and awkwardness?

I enjoyed this book, I appreciated the fact that JP took the time to build up the feelings these two men have for each other, rather than just making them jump into insta-love. I thought the story progressed well, nothing felt rushed or disjointed, the relationship developed nicely overtime, and the amazing friendships that are showcased throughout this story are just beautiful!

I loved the setting that this book was placed in! I've never been on a cruise before, so reading so many intricate details describing the cruise these characters on, helped me envision what being on a cruise would be like. I hope that eventually Ollie will get his own story, his character was a big part of this book and there are secrets that Ollie's hiding that I want to discover. All in all, a really great book!

kjnrose's Review:

Cruising into Love is part of the multi-author Pride Cruise 2024 series, they are all standalone but so fun to read them all. Denton and Victor met years ago when Victor moved to Sweet Haven to get through his past. Denton has feelings for Victor but doesn't know if Victor is ready for anything, until years later when he finally decides to take his chance. This is a hot, sweet read with wonderful characters and a really great story.

Miki J.'s review:

The opening chapter is quite confronting .... and then we fast forward to 3 years later. I haven't read the connecting book and this is perfectly fine as enough details are given. It was that gap....we got to see the before and obviously the after .... I was hoping for a bit more context about the initial meeting with the MC's. Having said that, the story then becomes the romantic and steamy tale on the high seas !! It was a little jarring but I ended up enjoying the book - it was funny, loved the friends/found family (and their support and interference - fine line, ain't it !!) and all of the shenanigans they get up (what happens on the cruise....well.... doesn't really stop, yeah? hehehehe). Overall, I enjoyed it very much.

Reed Kaye's review:

This is the first book I’ve read by this author and I really enjoyed it.

Victor has a past that was more than unpleasant but has finally reached the point of considering getting back out there.

Denton has held himself back not really wanting a relationship but has this attraction to Victor and has not done anything about it waiting for Victor to be ready to date.

Right from the start the story grabbed me with Vic’s bad situation. It really sets up the story and made me appreciate Denton’s caring personality.

I enjoyed a few different events from the cruise. Jealousy made the characters human and the situations funny.

This is part of a multi author series and this has enticed me to read more of the stories.

Heather's Review:

This was a sweet romance once you got past the past... and Denton and Victor got there on their cruise...  I appreciated the way JP approached this story and let Victor come to realizations and move 
at his own pace.  Denton had spent so much time hiding that if they'd had an instalove moment it wouldn't have felt genuine.

I love the cruising elements, the wedding backdrop and all of the friend circle support.  If you are looking for a book that helps a couple who want to be together, get together on vacation than you'll want to check out Cruising Right Into Love.

Cruising Right Into Love is currently available as an e-book and paperback and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription