Ascendant King (The Empty Throne Trilogy Book 3) by Kai Butler

Series finale for the Empty Throne Trilogy by Kai Butler. Cade may hate Miles but they have to work together to save the supernatural community. With Cade as a reluctant king and Miles refusing to let go of his mate or his hope of being the Emperor Wolf, there are plenty of battles to reach their HEA.

From the Ascendant King blurb:

His life is in my hands, but my heart is in his.

Miles Castillo has the one thing his mother never did: time. As he gathers new members to his pack and help in his war against House Bartlett, he can’t help but wish that Cade was more than a reluctant ally. But the ice prince has made his position clear and nothing Miles can do will change the history that divides them.

Still, as they both confront the echoes of their past, they must learn to work together and find something like a middle ground. With nothing to lose, Cade and Miles must make a choice that will save both of them.

SNik's review:

Third in series (The Empty Throne Trilogy), must be read in order. Paranormal urban fantasy. Semi-established couple. Close proximity. Slow burn. Found family. Single POV.

With the truth of their shared horrible past finally known, Cade and Miles have agreed to work together as Miles pursues uniting the wolf packs and to return Cade to his place as the rightful king of House Bartlett. Miles cherishes every moment with his mate, accepting Cade’s hate as well as his unwavering support as he navigates the legacy his mother left him to become the Emperor Wolf. This book continues the nonstop action and constant pressure for Cade and Miles to succeed, with more wolves and mages in danger, the stakes have become higher for the supernatural community.

I enjoyed the personal growth of both Cade and Miles, they are reluctant leaders but try desperately to do the right thing, as well as their eventual acceptance of their unbreakable bond. Each scene when Cade and Miles are on page together alone with the yearning and the swoon were my favorite parts, and this series has been super entertaining and I’m sad that it’s over.

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