Apollo's Courtesan (Lovers of the Gods) by Amanda Meuwissen

In Apollo's Courtesan, One human has a crush on one of the gods, and one certain god is in captivated by a human.

From the blurb:


Dax was always second best among the acolytes of Aphrodite, destined to remain in the shadow of his friend and rival, Aikos, when the time came for them to ascend as courtesans. But while Aikos sought freedom to serve many and no one through his favored tenet of their goddess—desire—Dax seeks another domain.


The god Apollo is broken and lonely after countless loses of mortal lovers, thinking his heart beyond repair. Or he did, until Aikos led him to a prophecy of a possibly mended future.

Where Aikos indulged in divine desires, Dax and Apollo choose courtship. Can they beat the odds against them of attaining love between mortal and god, or will the pasts that haunt them define their forever after?

Apollo's Courtesan can be read standalone but is best as a follow-up to Last Courtesan of Olympus for those who wanted to see Dax and Apollo get their happily ever after.

Angel's Review:

Dax and Apollo's story was a short and steamy one. In this book we got to learn more about Dax, along with learning more personal details about Apollo. The things he went to after losing his lover, and the loss he's felt since then. Upon him meeting Dax, he's caught up in Dax's strength and smarts. These two together are full of passion and form a connection almost immediately upon meeting.

I liked that this one was a bit different from The Last Courtesan of Olympus, this book focused on Dax and Apollo forming a relationship just between the two of them which I found to be really nice! I thought this book was written well and had a good flow. My only critique would be.. that I wish there was more dialogue and more of a buildup between the MC's, the story mainly focused on the steamy times that occured between these men, and while that isn't a bad thing, I just wished that there was more of a buildup. Overall though, a great continuation to Olympus and I'm looking forward to more!

Apollo's Courtesan is currently available as an e-book and paperback and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription