A Hellhound Called Derek (Mated to the Human, Book 1) by Michelle Frost: Narrated by Zachary Zaba

Dive into a spicy, seductive cocktail of humans and hellhounds…oh, and an overpowering uncle of commissioner.

From the A Hellhound Called Derek blurb:

Touch his mate and you’ll wish for the fires of hell.

Alpha of the Hellhound enforcers, Derek doesn’t think he has time for a mate until the Paranormal Council of the city gives him one.

Hollis is smart, funny, vulnerable…human, and his police commissioner uncle has designs to use Hollis’s new mating for his own ends.

He’ll learn quickly not to mess with a hellhound’s mate.

A Hellhound Called Derek is the first in this fast-paced novella series where the paranormals are all deliciously protective of their humans…no matter what type of trouble they get into.

Nedra's review:

An exciting, quick listening introduction to a new series and I’m completely hooked!! Derek is to die for, with his automatic protectiveness over Hollis, along with their insane pull towards each other. Hollis’ family is suspect and going to be the cause of a lot of problems in the future. Absolutely loved how Derek set them straight, though! Just like a true hellhound should….

Zachary Zaba was phenomenal in this one! Nailing the characters with their unique style, leaving nothing behind. It’s not often I react during a scene, either, but there was filled with so much passion and enthusiasm, I couldn’t help but respond! I cannot wait for the continuation, especially with that cliffhanger (bah humbug).

Jacquie's Review:

It's unusual to see novellas narrated, so I was happy to see an audio version of this series was being made. I've read each one and look forward to listening to them too.

As they are novella length, insta-love or at least a fast moving connection, is at play here. Derek is absolutely lovely with Hollis as soon as they meet. He's always checking in and making sure he's comfortable.

There's a larger plot with a human based resistance against the paranormals of the city which runs through the next few novellas. This means the ending is a tad abrupt because the story will continue with Hollis and Derek making appearances later on.

A quick listen with good narration. Entertaining.

A Hellhound Called Derek is currently available as an audiobook, e-book, and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription