Under Your Skin by Lee McCormick

Levi has a routine if unsettled life. Jonah has lived an unattached life until he makes a mistake. When faced together there is an attraction neither can ignore.

From the Under Your Skin blurb:

You’re the only one who can get under my skin.


Trapped in nightmares from my past, the only comfort I find is in gifts from the man who killed my mother’s killer—presents wrapped in a body bag and delivered to the morgue for me to examine.

From the first time I saw his mark, I knew I had to keep my Killer safe, had to keep his work a secret for me and me alone. Every body is a love letter, and I’m the only one who can read them.


When I accidentally leave evidence behind during a kill, I have to go to the morgue to rectify my mistake. I didn’t expect to find a young mortician admiring my work.

Relishing in it. Studying it.

Covering it up.

I have no idea why someone would want to hide my crimes, but I’m determined to find out. What I discover is a man named Levi—a man obsessed with the idea of who he thinks I am.

A man who threatens to change my entire world.


Under Your Skin is a dark romance set in a world where a corrupt town lets a serial killer walk free, and a young mortician is determined to make sure it stays that way. Expect high heat, intense emotions, and two men who find their own way to define what love really means.

Reed Kaye's review:

I loved this book but I’m not sure where to begin to write a review that gives justice to this book.
Everyone should pay attention to the triggers, there are many and they all play into the story.

Levi has had plenty of trauma in his life but currently his life is pretty routine until.
Jonah for the first time makes a major mistake and has to follow up and find out if he will be caught. He has killed many times but feels justified in each of them. While trying to find out the extent of his mistake he has to spy on Levi. This starts something unexpected for both of them.

I enjoyed the questionable relationship between these two. I could not set the book down until I found the answers to all the unexpected twists and turns of this story. I read a lot of dark stories and this is one that is in the top I’ve read where the story kept my attention all the way through. I hope there will be more with these characters.

SNik's review:

Standalone. Age gap. Close proximity. Morally gray characters. Dual POV. Heed content warnings. 

It’s quite easy to be a serial killer in the town of Boroughs, and Jonah has reveled in the lack of police follow-up for years, and when he comes across the coroners son helping cover up his kills he is intrigued. Levi doesn’t let anyone get too close, and is obsessed with the killer secretly getting away with murder for years, but he certainly doesn’t realize Jonah is the prolific killer. 

Jonah and Levi spend a lot of time circling each other, Jonah isn’t sure he can share his secrets and Levi doesn’t want to trust anyone. Jonah’s possessiveness and willingness to fall for Levi was compelling, and Levi’s capability and intelligence was a match for his unrepentant killer. When Jonah and Levi were together on page were the most enjoyable scenes, the steam and lust as well as the absolute obsession from them both. An entertaining read for those that like dark stories with all sorts of character motivations at work.

Under Your Skin is currently available as an e-book and paperback and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription