The Richmond Vampire by Liv Rancourt

Vampires, Hunters, Zombies, oh my!

From The Richmond Vampire blurb:

Mack’s a vampire hunter, Bellafleure’s a vampire, and together they have to find a serial killer before he strikes again.
It’s a classic case of “opposites distract”.

Mack is a B-grade vampire hunter, a beat cops who does his best to keep the streets of New Orleans safe from the things that go bump in the night. Mack’s family has clout in the vampire hunter community, so he and his partner get sent to Richmond to track down the serial killer who’s leaving dead bodies in a cemetery.

And they damned well better find him before he strikes again.

As soon as their boots hit the ground, Adrian Bellafleure – the Richmond Vampire – offers his help. Trusting a vampire goes against everything Mack has ever learned, but he’s practical enough to grudgingly accept the offer. Bellafleure has a new vision for vampires and the people who hunt them, and if they can catch the bad guy, Mack might give him a listen.

Because yeah, that vampire’s just about the hottest guy Mack has met in a good long while, and his dick is ready to ignore a lifetime of training. For that matter, so is his heart.

Angel's review:

Liv Rancourt is a new to me author, I'm not familiar with their work, but I was very intrigued by this story! Mack's whole family are hunters, that's what he grew up learning, how to hunt and kill monsters, specifically vampires. Mack would rather talk his way out of a near death situation than killing whatever is near him. His family thinks of him as a disgrace, but the partner he works with accepts him as is.

I liked the idea of Mack being different than other hunters, that he doesn't just go straight to killing. Instead he takes his time gathering information, and then if a situation calls for it then he might harm the monster. Adrian is THE Richmond Vampire, he is the one that people think of when they think of that name, not the intruder who broke through his wards, and not the one killing people. I thought the mystery element was done well, I liked how the case progressed naturally. We got introduced to new monsters/characters as the book went on which I thought was quite cool. I will say that I don't consider this a romance book, it's talked about.. the possibility of Adrian and Mack having an interest in one another, but other than that the story is focused on finding the bad guys.

This book does leave off on a cliffhanger, we don't find out what might develop between the two MC's, nor do we find out where Mack's grandfather went. Overall though I thought this was a great short story. I'm interested in seeing how this author is going to continue these characters's story.

The Richmond Vampire is currently available as an e-book