The Bound Omega: MM Omegaverse Romance by K.C. Carmine

A quick hit of heat that you can read over lunch or right before bed. An Alpha/omega pair thrown together but finding the start of something possibly special.

From The Bound Omega blurb:

An omega in heat.
A broken alpha.
An auction that brings them together.

After months of searching for an alpha who kidnaps omegas, I finally have intel as to where I can catch him. For one night a year, the government turns off aggressor chips for all the alphas allowing them to indulge their carnal and brutal desires by taking part in bidding in an underground club.
I’m going there to catch a villain, not enjoy what the night has to offer.
Or so I thought.
Until my eyes land on the battered and bound omega that wasn’t serviced during his heat. If I don’t bid on him and service him, he might not make it.
If I do, I may never catch the alpha who kidnapped my sister.

A dark novelette about two troubled males connected by circumstance.
Length: 14k words/~80 pages. Single POV. 1st person.
Please check TW before reading. The story includes dark themes but ends in a well-earned HEA!

SNik's review:

Standalone novellette. Alpha/omega. Dub/noncon. Forced proximity. Single POV. Heed content warnings.

Eldin is working undercover at an omega auction, wanting to take down one of the sellers but he has to help an omega through their heat first. Oleander is the omega bought by Eldin and they have several hours of very steamy interactions while learning a small amount about each other. This is a short, quick read but there is enough world building and some background for both Eldin and Oleander to make a connection. An entertaining read, and of course I would have been happy to read more but this certainly fits the bill for a fast and spicy pleasure read.

Nedra's review:

So the next time I take forever to read anything by K.C., remind me that I’m an idiot. Bound Omega was such an intense story, never knowing the consequences of lack of mating during an omega’s heat. But, Eldin takes a chance on Oleander and brings him out of his misery.

Their connection was quite interesting, especially since Ole’s demeanor was initially compromised. As they grew closer over a quick time span, the reader cannot help but fall for them, too! Who ever thought you would find love while searching for a killer??

The Bound Omega is currently available as an e-book and paperback and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription