Suddenly You (Our Exception Book 2) by Cora Rose

Cora Rose does it again in the Our Exception series with another great redemption arc for one of Magnus' brothers in Suddenly You. This time it's Matt who wakes up to find himself married to Coop, who just so happens to be the bestie of his brother Max's husband. It's quite the shock for a formerly homophobic jerk, but in the end Matt finds he might not mind so much after all!

From the blurb:

We’ve all heard the saying, "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas."

God help me, if only that were true.
Because as it turns out, my surprise gay husband is very much still my husband outside of the great state of Nevada. And let me tell you, as a straight guy, waking up married to a man I barely know with no memory of how it happened wasn’t even on my Bingo card.
What started as a fun weekend getaway to support my brothers in their relationships and show them how much I've grown, has somehow spiraled wildly out of my control.

Cooper Barone is rich, kind, and charming, but he’s holding all the cards now. Because he doesn't want our marriage annulled. No, he says he wants us to make a deal. He wants me to spend time with him, to move in with him.

All I know is that I’m broke and I can't afford a divorce without his compliance, without his help.

So there’s nothing left for me to do but agree and accept my fate.
I'm a straight dude with a husband.
This is my life now.

Jacqueleen the Reading Queen's review:

"You are married to a man, the same man you're in the shower with."

"This doesn't count."

"Did you say 'no homo' beforehand? Because I heard that works."

OMG this book!! I was not expecting the freakin sweetness factor based on Matts behavior in book 1. He seemed like a real "mans man" ya know? He still plays sports as an adult and hits up the gym on a regular basis. He was an absolute homophobic Ahole when he found out about Beau and his brother Max. But just like she did with Max, Cora Rose truly gave us a redemption arc to be proud of with Matt.

If you are big fans of Whit and Caleb from Whit and all their cuddling then you are going to love Coop and Matt's book. Matt is an absolute touch starved cutie pie and I adored how often he found himself just snuggled up in Coop's lap. It was his happy place. And Coop just reveled in all of it. He sensed Matt's need for touch and had no problem providing it in adorably affectionate ways. See what I mean by sweet? I also loved all the ways poor Matt tried to convince himself that what was going on between him and Coop wasn't exactly what it was.

"He's bewitched me or something. He has enough money, he absolutely could afford some kind of potion from an actual witch. I bet he even knows a few people who'd whip something up."

I adored how Coop just wanted to spoil his husband constantly. It may seem to the outside that Matt was getting the good end of the marriage deal, what with Coop being a millionaire, but it wasn't like that at all. Coop seems like he's the caretaker type and doting on Matt, who never expected it from him, brought him joy. They really did work well together as a couple.

"I tilt my head slightly and let him kiss his way across my pulse point. My body trembles slightly at the feel of him touching me like this. It's so intimate."

This book had ALL THE CAMEOS from my favs and I loved it so much! It was so satisfying to read about the boys all settled in their relationships. It also made me laugh with how much hasn't changed even if they've all gotten a bit older. Caleb and Sem are still wild things and their men still blush at their antics half the time. It was just so much fun!!!

Now like book 1, we get a sneak peek into the next brother's head at the end of this one. Honestly jury is still out on how Rose is going to pull this one off. Though I did feel a spark of sympathy for him, Mitch seems like an absolute dick of a human. It's going to take one hell of a guy to sort that hot mess out. I seriously cannot wait!

Heather's Review:

I'm loving this series - taking this family from homophobe to homoerotic... and making them touch starved cuddlebugs... so much my jam!  This one is a wake up married scenario and again, I'm totally there for it!  I love that these two men just want to be good to each other and sweet.  This is totally the perfect opposites attract with a financial power imbalance, bisexual awakening and so much more!  

Reading this book as a standalone is doable, but reading it as part of the series makes you understand just how far Matt comes and why he's trying to make things right with his youngest brother... and the cameos from other Cora Rose characters just add icing on the cake!

Suddenly You is currently available as an e-book and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription