Resisting You (Words We Never Said Book 2) by E.M. Lindsey

Resisting You is an enemies to lovers, workplace single dad romance in the Words We Never Said series. EM Lindsey gives us low angst, emotional moments, and the most adorable wedding planner ever.

From the blurb:

“Do you think I can go to jail for cutting holes in all the toes of my boss’s socks? Because that’s where I’m at in life.”   

Frey’s a single dad, a nurse, and ready to wage a one-sided prank war against the arrogant surgeon with the sexy accent he keeps getting paired up with. And while there might be more to Dr. Renato Agosti, Frey isn’t sure he wants to feel anything but hatred for the man who said his biggest accomplishment was that he never met a resident he couldn’t make cry.

But everything changes the day Frey’s pranks go too far, and Renato corners him behind closed doors. In a series of bad decisions, hate turns into something else—something forbidden and delicious—and it doesn’t take long before Frey realizes the fine line between hate and love has started to blur.

Frey’s not sure he has room in his life for something complicated with a man who doesn’t know what he wants, though. He has a son to worry about, and a future to figure out. Still, the more Frey and Renato keep sneaking around, the more Frey starts to realize his feelings might be real.

He just needs to figure out if resisting Renato is worth the pain, or if loving him is worth the cost.

Resisting You is the second book in the single dads series, Words We Never Said. It contains an enemies to lovers one-sided prank war, hurt/comfort, grumpy surgeon/sunshine nurse, and a spicy, gently angsty, comedic romance that will leave your e-readers steaming.

Molly Otto's Review:

This book isn't quite as low angst as the first, but it also isn't high angst. Frey and Renato go through a lot of feelings and pains in their pasts that make it make sense that their start is rocky. The enemies to lovers trope is fun more than anything as they try to pretend they aren't interested in each other.
Frey as a single dad is sweet and fun and his kid is hilarious. Watching Renato interact with Rex is the sweetest as he understands him on a level that most people don't or won't.
I teared up a few times while reading because EM Lindsey books just hit different, but overall this book is sweet and a nice addition to the series so far.

Angel's Review:

I love E.M.'s stories, they are always so poignant and realistic, and so relatable. Things aren't always happy, life isn't always happy, and I love that they portrays that through the characters in their stories. This author does know how to write angst filled stories and I think this is the angstiest yet.

Frey is a single dad and a nurse, his day to day is taking care of his son and dealing with his boss who's a jerk. He is done with Renato's arrogance and attitude, so he plays pranks on the surgeon whenever he can as revenge. He loathes the man as much as he respects him, but he only respects him when it comes down to Renato being good at his job. Other than that, he's on Frey's bad side.

Renato is a good surgeon who's.. a grumpy. Not a little grumpy but a massive one, he does not go easy on new residents, and he is not amused by the pranks Frey pulls. He has had a lot of loss in his life and has stopped living. He shuts the world out and is a grumpy to everyone around him. Until a little boy works his way through his cold heart and begin to thaw him out.

This story was full of angst and hatred! Frey and Renato goes back and forth throughout most of the story trying to one up each other with how cruel they can be to each other. Not the most mature or healthiest way to handle their feelings, but overtime the characters grow and realize what they are doing isn't okay. I liked how the characters grew during this story, and that they realized that they had a lot to make up and apologize for. I adored Rex, he was so cute! I loved how he was so passionate about weddings and Say Yes To The Dress, I used to watch that show all the time, so I get the appeal.

Both Frey and Renato's characters have been through a lot, love has not been kind to them, and while they lost their partners in different ways, they still share that loss. I appreciated how overtime these two actually started talking to each other and getting to truly know one another, instead of believing all the rumors that circulate at the hospital. The ASL component along with Rex's diagnosis I thought was handled really well.

The scene where Renato found the journal Frey created was a bit heartbreaking, especially because he found it after these two men were finally going to admit how they feel. Sometimes it takes someone else to hold up a mirror, or rather a journal full of all the times Renato was rude, to show us what we can improve on, what we can do to improve.

Overall a terrific story filled with anger, pranks, steam, growth, and plenty of wedding talk!!

Resisting You is currently available as an e-book and paperback and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription