My Demon Husband (My Demon Charming: An Instalove Novella Trilogy Book 3) by Rhys Lawless


My Demon Husband concludes the My Demon Charming series as it began with a splash. With each story these men's bonds grow deeper and enable them to fight against the world that may come in their way.

From the blurb:

We're engaged!
I never thought anything like this would happen to me. And if you asked me what would happen a few weeks ago when I first summoned my demon prince Charming, marriage would never have been my answer.
I couldn't be more excited.   

Until she marches into our lives.
She's hot, angry and deranged.
And there's nothing she won't do to stop our upcoming nuptials.

Lucian's past comes back to haunt us.
It was bound to happen eventually.
But I'm not a weak little human anymore. I'm so much more.
And I will do anything to protect my future husband and myself.

My Demon Husband is a 20k word dark urban fantasy romance novella featuring a newly engaged couple, some low-key wedding preparations, extra appendages that go places and a crazy demon set on a destructive path.
Trigger warnings for violence and murder.

Molly Otto's Review:

Yu-jin and Lucians trilogy has come to a close with a wedding for the ages. These two don't have the best of luck and their wedding day is no different, with Yu-jin learning to embrace his eldrich side though he is becoming more powerful and tables have turned it's his turn to help his mate. What a fun way to end this delightfully dark trilogy.

I am so excited to see what comes next that ending has me wanting future stories from this world! And yes, that includes Jace , who deserves to come into his full powers and be happy.

My Demon Husband is currently available as an e-book.