I Touch Hoses (A Bent Oak, Texas Novella) by Bix Barrow

I Touch Hoses is a cute short addition to the Bent Oak, Texas series by Bix Barrow. Get ready to meet a retired rockstar looking for a relationship and the former bodyguard that might just be the answer.

From the blurb:

What happens when a smoking hot retired rock star finally decides to take a walk on the bi side?

I have no idea. I panicked and tanked our date before I could find out.   

When I accidentally overheard Jake Lord, womanizing rock god with a d**k of legendary proportions, say he wanted to come out as bisexual, I never imagined I’d be the first man he’d ask to dinner. What could a famous musician want with me—a guy who’s so freaked by what happened on my last job that I’m working as a gardener to try to forget?

I should’ve turned him down immediately, but he was so adorable—all nervous and awkward—I couldn’t stop myself from accepting his invitation.

But after decades of the rock and roll life, Wesley doesn’t want to be “Jake Lord” anymore. He’s ready to be a dad, a homebody, a guy who rescues kittens. A man like that needs someone who’s got their s**t together. And that’s definitely not me.

So I bailed before I was in too deep.

Oops. Too late.

I Touch Hoses is part of the Bent Oak, Texas series but is written so it can be read as a standalone. In the series timeline, this story takes place between Head Over Feels and We Don’t Need Another Santa.

I Touch Hoses was formerly a bonus story offered to Bix Barrow newsletter subscribers. The story has not been changed.

SNiK's Review:

#3.5 in series (Bent Oak, Texas), but can be read as a standalone. Novella. Age gap. Slow burn. Dual POV.

Retired rockstar Wesley wants to finally embrace his interest in men and hopes relocating to Texas to be close to his son will afford him some new opportunities. Keson is trying to recover from what he sees as a failure in his previous job, but when he overhears Wesley talking about experimenting with another man, Keson is ready and willing to volunteer.

Even though this is a quick story, Bix Barrow provides a good amount of background for both main characters, which really shows their motivations, hopes, and reasons for their hesitations. Both Keson and Wesley are likable and sweet, their attraction is instant, but really they both really want more than just a hookup. This was a fun and cute quick read, and an entertaining addition to the series.

Heather's Review:

I Touch Hoses is a short, sweet,  Age Gap story that gives us heat and a HEA after some serious hesitation...  Bix Barrow is able to roll a angst, history that collides with reality and a chance for these two men to go from hook- up to more.  It can easily be read standalone, but does include other Bent Oak characters.

I Touch Hoses is currently available as an e-book in wide release.