Greek God (Flying into Love #7) by C.F. White

Continuing the Flying into Love series, Greek God gives us a second chance romance amid a heartbreaking loss and a redemption story...

From the blurb:

Can a Greek God make Jesse believe in love again?

Jesse's heartache is as vast as the Aegean Sea when his mother's sudden passing lures him back to the Greek island he swore never to return to. With bitterness festering over his mother’s abandonment, Jesse’s unprepared for the emotional maelstrom awaiting him.

Demetrios still carries the scars of a teenage love affair that once set his small-island life ablaze. Bound to Naxos by duty and drowning his sorrow in fleeting dalliances with tourists, he’s blindsided when Jesse, his stepbrother, returns for his mother’s funeral.

Jesse grapples with the pain of his mother’s choices and Demetrios struggles with the weight of familial expectations. But their undeniable chemistry reignites, challenging them to confront what happened before their romance crashed and burned.

Is it too late for Jesse and Demetrios to embrace what they long denied themselves? Or will fear of heartbreak keep them anchored in their past?

Greek God (Flying into Love #7) is a stepbrothers-to-lovers, hurt/comfort, second chance standalone romance in the steamy MM Flying into Love series, featuring a shy and awkward illustrator who doesn’t believe in love and an enigmatic playboy oozing romance.

Heather's Review:

This one hit me hard in the feels as I read it... I lost my Father In Law last week and watching Jesse's struggle with losing his mom and the lingering questions and pain really hit home for me, but it was the chemistry and redemption between Jesse and Demetrios that made me smile and gave me hope.  

This was a beautiful story, with a good mix of steam, second chances and forgiveness and it fit perfectly into the Flying Into Love series.

Miki J.'s review:

Now this is a hurt/comfort second chance story....and oh what a story !!! Plenty of angst and feelings - whether anger or passion ..... but there were romantic and funny moments as well. I especially loved the flashbacks .... and as the story unfolds, you really do get invested in the characters as they grieve and then heal. And that HEA...just beautiful, hard fought, but sooo worth it! I've read all the books in this series and you can truly read them as standalones.....

Greek God is currently available as an e-book and paperback and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription