Pressure, Lunar Wolves #1, by: Kiki Burrelli, narrated by: Chris Chambers

Jacquie was given the Lunar Wolves series on to listen to, and loved the first book, Pressure.

From the blurb:

Axe Landry needs a fake mate-fast. Axe Landry is the disgraced heir of a defeated Alpha. He craves law, order, and stability, but he's clinging to his position of Chief of the Lunar Council Enforcement Agency, the protectors of Crescent City, by a thread. If he doesn't find a mate-a witch mate, at that-by the next full moon, he's bound for a life of ridicule and isolation.

Enter Caden Borealis-wild, reckless . . . and irresistible. Caden hasn't made much of his twenty-three years on earth. Caden's life is a mess, though, and he desperately needs money if he wants to save his grandpa's life.

A deliciously indecent proposal.

When Caden first hears Axe's proposal, he can't believe Axe is serious. All he has to do is pretend to be Axe's husband and Axe will give him half a million dollars?

Unless it's all real . . .

When werewolves start to go missing, Caden realizes he might be in over his head. He's never let himself rely on anyone before, but Axe becomes his rock as he learns to navigate this newfound world of witches and werewolves. But as the lines between real and pretend blur, Caden can't always remember that he's only acting like he's in love.

Contains mature themes.

Jacquie's Review:

The narration quickly had me hooked into the story. The tone and voices for each character were distinguishable from each other pretty easily and it made it a good listening experience. The narration worked well with the story, never overpowering it, and letting me just enjoy the story.

I really liked the character development of Caden in particular. He went from this almost shallow party boy to someone really kind and caring. His treatment of the lone wolf cemented my like of him. Axe gave Caden everything he needed to flourish, a safe space, solid boundaries, consequences that were fair. Their arrangement quickly becomes real as they learn more about each other. 

Plenty of outside drama which I loved. I like steam, but I also prefer there to be a good plot - Pressure had both in spades.

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