Missing in Action (Clear Water Creek Book 4) by Scarlet Blackwell

We dive back into the world of mystery and thrills, bringing some outsiders into the quiet world of Clear Water Creek. Can these two men find solace or sorrow…..

From the Missing in Action blurb:

Holden’s hiding from the press after his agent stole all his money.
Tyler’s just hiding from life after Afghanistan stole his leg.

There’s twenty-two years and a wealth of hurt and bitterness between them. It doesn’t stop them wanting each other.

Holden’s been leading a shadowy existence all his life and his secret is way too explosive to share with anyone. He can’t talk about the things he needs and craves on a daily basis.
Tyler’s down on his luck and battling just to stay afloat in a world of pain, flashbacks and nightmares. The two of them are worlds apart, but thrown together by circumstances that have them questioning what’s most important to them.

Themes: hurt/comfort, age gap, PTSD, disabilities.
Warnings: PTSD, mental health issues, addiction. See front of book or author’s social media for more.

Best read in order after books 1, 2 and 3.

Nedra's review:

I’m not entirely sure how to feel about Finn and Brandon’s appearances in this book. Don’t get me wrong, it was great reading they were still holding strong after everything they went through previously. But poor Finn, he’s so broken and keeps getting more jabs at him from beyond the grave. And Brandon, what an amazing partner he has with this guy!

As a whole, I loved Tyler and Holden’s relationship, though I just didn’t feel as connected as I normally do with Scarlett’s other characters. And only she would be able to bring the only two stamp lovers together, out of anyone else, what were the odds?? There were a couple times I didn’t feel their connection nor chemistry, which is quite unusual, but it was still amazing!

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