Knowing You (Words We Never Said Book 1) by E.M. Lindsey

Two men who were both broken by whom they trusted, find strength and friendship within each other.. and perhaps there might be more than just friendship between these two men. Knowing You is the first in a new series, Words We Never Said.

From the blurb:

"Oh my God, Briar! Where did you get that prosthetic leg?"

Things as a parent Lane thought he'd never say for four hundred, Alex.   

But that’s par for the course in Lane Ashbury’s life considering everything is on the verge of falling apart. He not only has a toddler building her skills as a professional klepto, but he’s also on the verge of divorce, and hoping desperately to save his business before it goes under.

Luckily, the owner of the stolen leg might just be an angel in disguise when he offers to be Lane’s new nanny instead of pressing charges.

The whole thing would be perfect if Bowen Galanos didn’t make Lane feel things. If he didn’t make Lane question everything he thought he knew about himself every time Bowen's touch lingered just a little too long.

And when Bowen offers some no-strings benefits to their friendship to see if maybe Lane’s not as straight as he thought, Lane finds it impossible to say no. I mean, it’s not like he’s going to realize he’s madly in love with his nanny, right?

That would be absurd.

That would be ridiculous.

And knowing him, that would be exactly his luck.

Knowing You is the first book in a light-hearted, single-dads romance series. It features a toddler with sticky fingers, a tired dad who just wants to be loved, a former stunt actor who craves to be needed, Henry Cavill man crushes, a hint of sweet, a twist of angst, a steamy bisexual awakening, and the happiest of happily ever afters.

Angel's Review:

E.M has yet again wrote another stellar book! The way they write their books, the way they write their characters stories is almost in a poetic way. It's just so good! They always provide depth to their characters, they inform us on what happened to the characters in the past, and what's going on with them in the present.

Lane has been raising his little girl, Briar, by himself ever since she was born. His wife had no interest in taking care of their daughter, and up and left on vacation. For two years. Lane reaches his breaking point and has enough with Sana's harsh remarks, and her abuse. He also realizes and admits that he can't raise Briar on his own, especially not when she sneaks out of the house to steal someone's leg.

And that comedic scene is where our two MC's meet, and from there we are taken on their beautiful journey of healing, forming friendships, anger, insecurities, fear, and the most powerful of all, love. There aren't very many books by this author that I haven't enjoyed, their writing always blows me away, and this one did as well, just in a different way. EM's really good at writing about heavy topic matter but doing it in a respectful and beautiful way, you can really tell that they take their time to research whichever topic they will be discussing in their stories. It's one of the reasons I love their stories so much. Another thing EM's good at is angst, and most of her stories are on the angstier side. However, this one wasn't which was a pleasant surprise! Yes, there was pining, and there may have been a moment where these two may have started to go separate ways.. but they eventually figured it out, talked things through with one another. This was the least angst filled books I've read by this author, and I'm saying that positively! If you didn't believe this author was great before, this book proves that they can handle not only different topic matter, but different writing styles as well, and nail whatever they put their mind to.

The bond that formed between Lane and Bowen was so sweet, and heartwarming. To see a practical stranger at first (Bowen) , be so kind to Lane right away, was just so special. The characters themselves were great, they each contrasted the other in the best way. I enjoyed reading about them fumbling their way through their feelings. The side characters were excellent supporting characters, they really brought home that found family feeling that was occurring. One character that I have to discuss is Briar... Sweet, hilarious, shoplifting, Briar. Her character is downright adorable and added so much sass and humor to this wonderful story!

I'm looking forward to Frey's book to get to know his story better. I can't wait to see where else this series goes!

Molly Otto's Review:

A surprisingly low angst read from EM Lindsey. Lane & Bowen are both coming from messy break-ups, along with Bowen losing his leg in a stunt job gone wrong.

When a little girl "borrows" his leg, he doesn't expect to find the man who will change it all. Lane is coming to terms with the fact that his marriage is over and that he needs to file for a divorce to move on. What he doesn't expect is to hire the man his daughter stole the leg to be his new nanny. These two men click immediately as best friends and a place to lean on when life gets to be too much. When feelings deepen, Lane has to take that scary step into the unknown cause Bowen has been burned as well and can not be the one to pursue more.

These two learn to open up to each other more and more to just be the right person to a happier life. Their found family are a great bunch of people that i hope will also be getting future stories. Love to see when a town supports their own.

Heather's Review:

Briar steals the show... after stealing Bowen's leg... she is just so precious... but we do get some adult time and it's lovely to watch Lane and Bowen grow together and really amp up the sweetness as they offer things to each other that were missing from their lives...  the only real tension comes from Lane's ex... as exes do, but really, this book was just a light, sweet and steamy read!  I can't wait to see what happens next...

Knowing You is currently available as an e-book and paperback and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription