Jaxon (Love In Ink Book 2) by Ruby Raynes

Two meant to be. The road getting there is very entertaining.

From the blurb:

***Jaxon - Love in Ink - Book 2***


My life is going fine. Okay, it was going fine until I found myself both homeless—my trusty car Trixie on her last leg—and in need of a fake fiancĂ©. What I don't expect is for Jaxon, my long-time crush and the owner of Ink Me, to come swooping in like a knight in shining armor. Now my head and my heart are all confused, and it’s starting to feel like my fantasy has a chance of becoming a reality.


Ink Me is finally running like a well oiled machine, but when my best friend tells me I need a life outside of work, I scoff. Ink Me will always be my life. It's not until Alex runs into a bit of bad luck, and I feel this overwhelming need to help him, that I realize I could be making room in my life for other things. Soon, my priorities begin to shift, and I start to look past my own hangups and see the future I never knew I needed… with Alex.

***Jaxon - Love in Ink is a low angst, steamy, MM Romance. Featuring a fake fiancĂ©, age gap, meddling townsfolk, and a found family you will want to keep coming back for.

Reed Kaye's review:

This is the second in the series. This series is best read in order since characters reappear.

Jaxon, owner of Ink Me Tattoo, is part of the group that has been formed by friendships and relationships. They are a close bunch and look out for each other. When Alex has another tragedy and is left homeless Jaxon steps up. Jaxon and Alex have been attracted to each other but Jaxon is concerned about the age difference. After they are around each other more they can’t help if the attraction moves forward. I love Chester. I got such a warmhearted feeling about all the secondary characters that knew what Alex had been up to all along. This is a comfort read.

Jaxon is currently available as an e-book and paperback and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription