How to Train Your Human Omega (Coveted Bonds Book 1) by Arden Fox

How to Train Your Human Omega is an alien/human captive romance with an ABO alien race and a human omega who has no idea what that means. You can expect a language barrier, a hunky purple alien alpha, and a very confused human who is desperate to escape.

From the blurb:


I don't ask for much from life; I get paid, and then I get laid. And piloting spaceships across the galaxy keeps my solo lifestyle well funded. I don't need a relationship or any of the baggage that comes with it. I like my men like I like my coffee; to go.

That is until the most boring job in the universe goes horribly wrong and I’m snatched from my ship by a seven-foot alien. He's huge, he's purple, and he's ripped as hell. I'm sure I'm a dead man.

Only it turns out he doesn't want to kill me. What he wants is far worse.


I am the Second, Aldar royalty, the right hand of our leader. But I live a half life. Omegas are a rare treasure, all but extinct on my planet. I have wished my whole life for one of my own, but I am resigned to never knowing the joy of a soul bond.

But that all changes the moment I step onto the human ship. By some miracle, their pilot is an unclaimed omega. It does not matter that he is a different species, I have to have him.

That should be my happy ending; omegas are supposed to be meek, obedient, and willing. Clay is anything but. He resists me at every turn. I must bend him to my will before his potent pheromones draw every unmated alpha–my rank will only hold them back for so long.

How to Train Your Human Omega is an action-packed, spicy, M/M sci-fi romance (with no mpreg) featuring an alien race of beefcakes, a stubborn human, and a very confused and grumpy alien trying to find his happily ever after in all the wrong ways. This book is the first in the Coveted Bonds series, with overarching storylines and recurring characters. Each story follows a different couple to their HEA.

Please check the TWs before reading. This book contains some dark themes.

Jacqueleen the Reading Queen's review:

"The universe had handed me happiness in his blue eyes. And still I had managed to make the wrong choice at every turn."

This is my first book by this author and I totally loved it. I'm a big fan of the whole alien/human captive trope, especially when there is a language barrier. I don't know what it is, but I just always enjoy that part. The human being terrified this big hulking alien is going to eat them or something when in reality the alien is trying to calm them or reassure them.

Clay was kind of a hot mess of a human. I mean, I couldn't really blame him since he was being held captive by an alien species he had no idea bout, but he made quite a lot of dumb choices during this time. Arcay told him numerous times that leaving his rooms while "unclaimed" was dangerous, yet Clay did it, time and time again with terrible results.

I really loved Arcay. Yes he was kind of an ahole alpha at first, but that was what his culture taught him to be. Omegas were theirs to take and care for, that was just how things were done. Yes it is kind of barbaric, but Clay never really took into account that he was being dumped in a completely different culture. He just assumed that his alien should follow the rules of Earth. Thankfully Arcay ended up being the sweetest freaking alien ever and listened to his omega about his concerns. I think that was definitely the turning point in their relationship.

I'm excited that this book is the start of a series. I have to wonder if Clay's bestie may somehow return to check on his friend because the way those two parted was pretty emotional. You could tell he was not only worried, but terrified for Clay. I don't know if it really is possible since Clay appeared to be the only omega on board the ship of humans, but I wouldn't say no to him getting an alien man of his own.

How to Train Your Human Omega is currently available as an e-book and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription