Four Hours (Elite Escorts MM Book 4) by Lynn Burke

I've been waiting with bated breath for Four Hours, since this relationship has been teased throughout the series.

From the blurb:

Cupid did me no favors when he pierced me with Preston’s arrow straight through the heart. He’s everything I’ve ever wanted.

He’s also my stepbrother.

I’ve loved him since high school when I became his protector, a safe place of refuge from his mother’s stern, backward ideals. Our attachment gave him comfort, but my heart craved more, putting us both in danger.

Distance seemed the answer to escape my forbidden desires, but eleven years later, I’m still obsessed.

When an accident leaves us stranded with no means of escape, I learn I’m not the only one with fantasies. The draw between us is potent. Too many emotions erupt, laying us both bare, and me desperate to make his dreams come true.

But our four hours of heaven jolt to an end, leaving us on unsteady ground.

Can I convince Preston that we are two perfectly fitted parts of a whole? Or will he allow the tyrannical matriarch of his old money family to dictate who he ought to love?

*Four Hours is the fourth gay contemporary novel in the Elite Escorts MM Series. HEA guaranteed, this steamy, close proximity romance entraps a male escort with his billionaire stepbrother fantasy come to life. Perfect for readers who enjoy a little taboo, a whole lot of angst, and swoon-worthy MCs determined to claim the only man he’s ever wanted.

Heather's Review:

Even without the anticipation built up for this relationship in the first three books in the series, Four Hours would be a one click buy for me... because, stepbrothers are my kryptonite.  Starting with their initial meeting and building their platonic relationship to the point where Drake runs away until he just can't run anymore... this book builds in interesting layers and gives us the full picture of what made Preston and Drake into the men they are and the struggles they went through to get their HEA - family drama, insecurities, fears... this book takes you on a gut-wrenching ride and then has fanning yourself from the steamy scenes...

This book definitely needs to be read in order to get the full effect and to see their history, but if you start here you'll just have to go back and look for glimpses of these two men in books 1 - 3.

Four Hours is currently available as an e-book and paperback in wide release.