Force (Lunar Wolves #3) by Kiki Burrelli; Narrated by Chris Chambers

The Lunar Wolves series has many intriguing characters, Cy was on the top of that list when he mentioned a betrothed he didn't want! Force is their story.

From the blurb:

Cy isn't the mating kind. Cy Pataki doesn't get attached. He's a damn good agent who enjoys his job protecting Crescent City, but to keep it, he must mate the witch his pack lined up for him twenty years ago.

David never got a choice . . . After years of training to be a perfect mate, David Reeds is in a world he doesn't understand. Worse, his future mate doesn't seem to want anything to do with someone so much younger and so very naïve.

. . . and was taught he should never have one.

The poor kid has been brainwashed, and Cy suspects the man David calls his mentor has motives of his own. Cy has to show David that being someone's mate can't be his only personality trait-even if that means David will realize Cy is all wrong for him.

Cy just didn't realize how sexy it would be to watch David's personality emerge or how difficult it would become reminding his wolf he still isn't the mating kind. As Cy teaches David to stand on his own, he fights the urge to pull David right back.

Crescent City faces a threat powerful enough to leave their city in ruins. There's an enemy operating within their borders and Cy's team must discover who before the city crumbles.

Contains mature themes.

Jacquie's Review:

Force has a darker theme running through it compared to the last 2. This time David is sent to Crescent City to be Cy's mate. They have been arranged since Cy was 12 and David was just born. Cy isn't happy about it, but it is all David has known.

Immediately, Cy clashes with Cressly, the chaperone of David who has clearly been grooming David since he took custody of David age 10 - though he hasn't laid a hand on him sexually, he uses fear and intimidation to mold David into an ideal mate.

Cy spends much of the book undoing this and helping David find himself, while also falling in love with the mate he didn't want.

Lots of magic, a background plot that continues on from the previous books, so best read/listened to in order.

I really liked this one - I stayed listening when I had other things to do.

The narration was stronger than the last for me, though there were still a couple of slips. I like the narrator's voice and have picked up the next one to listen to.

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