Elite Connections Charity Anthology - multiple authors

Heather says: "Usually, when I get ARCs of Charity Anthologies I can skip around and just read my favourites, but I'm late with my review for Elite Connections because I just couldn't miss a story... Make sure you pick this one up before it disappears!"

From the blurb:

Every need met. Every desire fulfilled.
Welcome to Elite Connections, the secret, exclusive service where money is no object and your every wish is guaranteed to come true.

Fake dates, arranged marriages, or just some company for the night, whatever it is, with Elite you are covered.

Benefitting Outright International, an organization that works to amplify inclusion and equality across the world, and Lambda Legal, fighting for the civil rights of LGBTQ+ people.

Elite Connections is a queer charity anthology containing MM, FF, and other LGBTQ+ romances and will be available for a limited time only. All proceeds will be split between the chosen charities.

With stories from:
Ana Ashley - BA Tortuga - Colette Davison
Emily Silver - Erin Zak - Jax Calder
Kelex - Frances M. Thompson - Jodi Payne
Rhys Everly - Sarah Zane
Saxon James - V.L. Locey

Heather's Review:

I had to read this entire collection cover to cover - several of my favourite authors and a few that are new to me, but all were excellent!  From the origin story that ties into Ana Ashley's Chester Falls world, to Kelex's parent/teacher romantic trip to Italy, Emily Silver took her F/F romance to Italy too! Colette Davison's marriage of convenience tale (complete with a pair of trips to Bora Bora).  We get a Body guard romance from B.A. Tortuga, a second chance romance for an actor and an escort who had a fiery break-up from Jodi Payne, a childhood enemies to lovers story from Jax Calder, a Hockey player romance from V.L. Locey and so much more.. including a F/F/X poly story from a new to me author, Frances M. Thompson and a F/F love story from Saxon James!

There is just so much packed into this anthology and I love the variations on the Elite Connections theme and that not all of them are strictly escort stories.  This is one of my favourite anthologies this year!

Rogue's Review:

This is a charity anthology based around the Elite Connections app, designed to help the super-rich with whatever it is they need, from nanny to fake husband for a year, all done anonymously and by referral only. I haven't read all the stories, so I can only report on the ones I did read. Some new-to-me authors, and some I have read before.

How to Catch a Billionaire by Ana Ashley

This is the first story in the anthology, and features the app creator, Troy and Alexi. This is a new to me author and I quickly realised this was set in an existing book world they'd created, but I didn't enjoy it any less for not having read the other stories in this world. I liked Troy and Lexi, and it's not too far-fetched that Lexi moved across the world to have a chance with Troy. They had a good connection and there wasn't too much miscommunication. Troy created Elite in college with a friend and has made a fortune off of it without his family knowing. This was a cute, sweet and low angst story with a lovely HEA.

Solid As Gold by BA Tortuga

This is another new-to-me author, and this story is set in the world of country music, Chayce has turned his hand to music after a successful rodeo career, and when his safety is threatened, his mother turns to Elite to hire a bodyguard for him. Waylon I didn't actually know too much about, you never get to really know him, and for me, he turned his back on his own rules about getting involved pretty fast. That said, I did enjoy this - there was plenty of heat between the two even if Waylon was slightly overprotective. There was a nice resolution to the stalker storyline and I did enjoy their HEA.

Falling for My Husband by Colette Davison

This one I loved. Colette is a new-to-me author but based on this, I'd definitely go and look for more. I just adored Bailey and Harper, I'm a sucker for a 'golden retriever' character and Harper was certainly that. He's a lot, he's more than a little extra probably due to just how much money he has and honestly, him hatching a scheme to get married for a year to put his mother off just seems like something he'd do - no matter how far fetched the whole thing seems. Bailey has had a hard life up to this point and has worked hard to turn his life around, and it was a joy to see Harper doting on him and giving him everything, just because he could. These two suited each other so well and I found the whole story delightful and a complete joy to read.

Hired By The Enemy by Jax Calder

This was probably my favourite of the whole anthology. Liam and Matthew have been enemies since they were 10, constantly one-upping each other and playing mean pranks without realising the damage they were each doing to the other, things that have affected their whole lives up to this point. Matthew is a successful app developer who needs a partner for a corporate getaway, and Liam needs the money to start his dream gym helping people gain self confidence back after illness or injury. I loved seeing these two interact, I am nothing but a sucker for snark and these two had that in spades. I loved seeing them thaw towards each other as they got to know each other again as adults, and as who they are now and not the kids they were.

Hearing about their pranks on each made me really feel for their teacher (poor Ms Beauton) and I loved seeing them get closer during their time on the retreat and then Matthew standing up to the jerk, Paul. This whole story was great and I loved it.

Spotlight by Jodi Payne

Another new-to-me author and a story about an up and coming actor who is attending a prestigious awards ceremony and his agent hires a date through Elite, who just happens to be his ex. I struggled a little bit to like Dusty, if I'm honest. I got the sense that he'd changed quite a bit since Cameron knew him, but a little more of their history would have been good. I wasn't sure about Cameron either, he didn't seem to really know what he wanted other than Dusty but he was okay, charming and genuine and they did fit well together. It was a good story and I liked the epilogue too.

At His Wife's Behest by Kelex

Another new-to-me author, and the final story I read in this anthology. Kellan is married to his best friend Emma, and both are gay and went into the marriage knowing that, but did it to appease both sets of parents. Emma's parents we don't really meet other than in passing comments but they seemed terrible, especially her dad. Kellan's dad really is something else, a terrible human who did terrible things to his son, causing him to hide in the closet, scared for years. After Emma inherits her family company on the death of her dad, she decides to come out to be with her girlfriend and wants Kellan to find the same happiness. She hires Elite, and gets Kellan to go to Italy for a week on the pretext of selling her house there. I wasn't sure about Connor at first, he already knew Kellan, being Kellan's daughter's teacher and just dropping everything on a whim to go to Italy.

I liked seeing Kellan come out of his shell a little with Connor though, and embrace his sexuality finally and find some happiness with Connor and eventually stand up to his rotten parent.

Reed Kaye's Review:

Rhys Everly Text me like you love me

This story is by one of the author’s I follow and would not miss anything published by him.
Keaton, billionaire, owner of Cinderfella company's is in trouble with the company’s board who sees him as a failure. He started the company when a dating app idea came to Keaton in college, he then created it. This is the only thing that he feels is really his and he protects it at all costs. He needs to come up with a plan to save the company when he comes up with the idea to meet someone on the app and make it a love story for the ages, afterall the app was originally created so Keaton could find his true love. The problem is the app has turned into more of a dating and hookup app. He contacts Elite using Milo, one of their escorts to be his fake special someone.

Milo enjoys his job as an escort but currently he cannot make enough money to pay the bills for his grandmother’s care home. She has Alzheimer's and needs care. He accepts the job with Keaton and they start on a journey that points out to both of them that they are more compatible than they planned.

I laughed at the posts Keaton put on Instagram and TikToc. I felt sorry for Jessica. I enjoyed the part of Milo being so straightforward and even the come to Jesus moment he called Keaton out. I had to finish this story in one sitting. I also appreciated the epilogues; they are the icing on the cake.
Ana Ashley How To Catch a Billionaire

This is the second story I had to read.
This is set in the Chester Falls world.
Elite connections is a billion dollar company started by Troy, computer geek, and his college roommate and bff Marco. It started as just an idea but the success exceeded expectations. The success is mostly due to it being a company that deals with matching desires and being an anonymous concierge service.
When all the other escorts are busy Troy steps in to meet with a client not knowing that client is an acquaintance of his Alexi. And on the same note Alexi doesn’t know the escort is supposed to be Troy. Both think they ran into each other accidentally so both cancel their appointments.
I love the back and forth conversation. I enjoyed the uncomfortableness until it was comfortable. This is a fun story.
B.A. Tortuga Solid As Gold

I really enjoyed this cowboy/country singer, bodyguard story.
Chayce is a dream of a guy. Success doesn’t go to his head at all. I love his relationship with his mom. And his mom is quite the character.
Waylon is a lot unknown other than he works for Elite. He is really good at his job but the attraction between these two is fun to watch. I wish this had been a longer story. I think I missed any foreplay to them being involved. The who done it part worked out well.
Colette Davison Falling For My Husband

This is such a heartwarming fun fake husband story. Harper is adamant he doesn’t want a relationship or any kind. He has a mother that is trying to find him a partner and he has had more than enough bad tries. He gets the bright idea to “get married”. Since his bff is an attorney he feels he has all his bases covered and his bff knows just where to find the “husband”. Bailey has worked for Elite and is in a lull. He is more than busy giving back to his community but when offered this unusual offer he accepts. The money will set him up for life. These two are so cute together. Harper is actually the perfect husband and together they just warmed my heart.

Elite Connections is available for a limited time in wide release and is available in paperback and e-book formats.