Dead Serious Case #5 Madame Vivienne by Vawn Cassidy

The case of Madame Vivienne brings us to the end of the series long plotline with Tristan, Danny, and their band of friends. You can expect the usual laughs, paranormal hijinks and lots of love.
along with a heavy dose of feels, so be ready folks - This one packs an emotional punch!

From the Dead Serious Case #5 Madame Vivienne Blurb:

For one brief shining moment, the utter insanity that is Tristan Everett’s world makes sense.

He’s marrying the man he loves, has a dead drag queen for a bestie and is surrounded by an amazing found family. Okay, so his life isn’t exactly what you’d call normal. By day, he’s a quiet, mild-mannered forensic pathologist, but the rest of the time, he guides lost souls into the light. He’s also averted an apocalypse, stopped Chaos from coming through a magic door, and drunk tequila with Death.

It’s all a bit bonkers, but it’s his life… and he loves it.

He’s flying high but, like Icarus, it’s only a matter of time before he’s brought crashing down to earth with singed wings. The strange reality of his life intrudes once again when his friend, Madame Vivienne, is murdered, and it’s clear from the beginning that this is no ordinary killing.

Someone is using dark magic.

Viv’s soul has been bound, leaving her trapped and unable to communicate. Tristan, Danny, and their friends must uncover the truth and find the killer. But the deeper they delve into the old bookshop in Whitechapel, which has been in the Crawshanks family for generations, the darker and the more dangerous the secrets that begin to unravel.

And what they discover may just change their lives forever…

Rogue's review:

This is the 5th in the Dead Serious series, it's not a standalone as there is an ongoing thread in the series that's tied up here. This is paranormal, ghosts, established couple, found family, loss, and grief.

It's no secret that I love this series, it's made me laugh and cry, sometimes in the same sentence. While Danny and Tristan are the main couple and their relationship progression has been a joy to witness, it's also about found family and the friendship between Dusty and Tristan, and Chan too. This entire cast of characters is actually wonderful and only gets better with each addition. Harrison and Sam are great additions to this Dead Serious world, and I can't wait for their story. This book feels a lot like closure to me, tying up a lot of the loose threads and stories from the previous books and closing that chapter of Danny, Tristan and Dusty's story. I'm hoping there are a lot more stories to tell though, and I am HERE for those.

This book made me feel everything, I did cry, I laughed, I celebrated with these guys and once again felt privileged to be in their world and read their story. Loved this, and just want more of these guys, please.

Jacqueleen the Reading Queen's review:

Well this addition to the Dead Serious series was certainly full of interesting secrets. And that's the thing about secrets isn't it? They always tend to come to light eventually. Though it would have been nice if some of those secrets came out a little sooner. It could have helped our crazy crew prepare a bit more for what was coming their way.

Cassidy does warn us that this book is going to pack an emotional punch and I have to agree with them. As a reader we knew this part of the storyline was coming, but I still wasn't fully prepared for it. I never thought this laughter inducing series could rend me into tears but here we are. I will say that Cassidy does help to heal our hearts by the end, so take that as a comfort before diving in.

Even though the main story arc of this series is over, I'm super excited to say we are not done with this universe. There are more than one couple that could be seen in the future, though one of those couples definitely has a good amount of growing up age wise to do first. It's absolutely obvious in this book that our resident PI Sam has a major thing for his prickly witch Harrison and I cannot wait for their book coming in 2025.

Molly Otto's review:

Well we were warned this would be a wild ride and it was that and than some. You will feel all emotions when reading this tale. Tristan and the gang go up against more paranormal than they are ready for and have to make some tough life choices. You knew something was coming yet it hit hard and you felt the pain so vividly, truly masterful storytelling. This series has been a true pleasure to take part in reading and look forward to more from this author.

Sad to see the end of Tristan & Danny's love story but know we will be seeing them in the future spin off series CRAWSHANKS GUIDE TO THE OCCULT, where we finally get to see Sam & Harrison find their happiness.

Alyssa P's review:

Every murder investigation in this series is always more elaborate than one would think, but that’s the beauty of Vawn Cassidy’s writing. You are drawn into the writing and you don’t want to put it down!
This story was a perfect ending; nothing felt rushed, there was humor, action and adventure and the endearing love between main characters Tristan and Danny.

There is a natural progression with Tristan’s Dad which was sad to read, but it was written very well.

I can’t say enough good things about this series! I fell in love with it from the beginning and I love it even more at the end!

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