All I Survive (All's Fair Book 3) by Abrianna Denae

All I Survive, the third book in the All's Fair series by Abrianna Denae mixes darkness with diversity. It tells a story with heart and soul, in a way only few dark authors can.

Tennant, Hollis and Roman have figured their places in the relationship when faced with Jude. Is he someone they are interested in?

From the blurb:

Roman Amato is his father's heir, but a lifetime of training for such a position can't keep the doubt and insecurities from plaguing every decision he makes. His only reprieve is the trust and utter devotion he gets from his two lovers.

Tennant Mason and Hollis Maddigan didn't need Roman to complete them, but they can't deny he gives them everything they never expected. In turn, they'll protect what's theirs, even if it means saving the boy from himself.

Jude Manassero has spent a lifetime bending to his family's will, pretending to be anything except who he really is. A chance meeting with the Amato Family opens up a world he never expected.

Lured in by the promise of an understanding he never thought he’d have, Jude finds himself enchanted by the three men. But his time with them may be his undoing.

The push and pull of fighting for what they want leads to explosive chemistry that rocks the very foundation of who Roman, Tennant, and Hollis are, while Jude struggles to trust they could want all of him, forever.

Just as they're finding their feet and learning how to be with one another, the past begins to repeat itself, and betrayal cuts into the heart of the Family. With his leadership in question, Roman must choose between the life he wants and who he thinks he needs to be. Either way, survival is never a guarantee…

All I Survive is book three in the All’s Fair series. It must be read after book 2, All I Fear. This is a dark mafia series and contains violence and intense sexual situations. Please see the TW page for details.

Molly Otto's review:

Abri proves to us, yet again they can and will write what they want and blow our minds. We are back with the Amatos and get to meet a new character who is about to shake everything up once again in the best way possible.

This book has heart and shows how being narrow-minded about a disability makes a family lose out on someone who can be a key player.

This addition may start lighter but when it goes dark it goes dark in only a way a truly talented dark romance author is able to go where you're still sympathetic to the characters even when they terrify you.
The middle section may be a slow burn, but I felt it was necessary for us and these men to achieve this unbreakable bond to be able to thrive in this sort of environment.

Thank you, Abri, for writing dark romance with heart and soul, something not many authors can or even attempt to achieve. This can not be read as a standalone, so start on ALL I WANT to see how this all begins.

Reed Kaye's review:

This is the third story in the series and I love this story. I can’t say it’s my favorite since the series is consistent and I have enjoyed each. They are on my reread list. This series is best read in order.

This centers really on four. Tennant and Hollis have a unique relationship. They are complete but previously added the bratty Roman. Now they are faced with a major decision. What sort of man is Jude and where does he fit into their lives. This foursome is so smoothly put in place. The story behind the turmoil going on keeps the relationships and the daily life of the Amatos group edgy. I really enjoyed how Jude’s dad, cousins and other relatives were handled. This is a very well written dark story. I’m more than anxious to see what is next.

All I Survive is currently available as an e-book and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription