Yarn and Yearnings by Duckie Mack

Yarn and Yearnings is the 3rd in a series, featuring Collin and Harper re-connecting after one memorable night 6 years ago, and finding their happily ever after.  

From the blurb:

Collin is big, burly, and rides a Harley. He's the last person anyone would expect to have a passion for yarn. He crochets and sells his wares at the Heartcraft Market.  

Harper is new to town. He wants to plant roots and find someone to share a life with. He has only dated women since that unforgettable night with a biker who took his v-card. Harper compares every man he meets to the one he can’t get out of his head. Finding him at the Heartcraft Market seems too good to be true.

Collin’s dating life has stalled out with most of his time spent taking care of his grandmother. When he sees the boy who caught his attention years ago, and the man he’s turned into, it stirs a longing in him that he thought he had lost.

Is this desire between them the ghost of a fling from the past or could it stitch into something real?

Yarn and Yearnings is a second chance, age gap romance with motorcycles, new starts, and creative uses for crochet. The Heartcraft Market series features stand-alone novels that can be enjoyed on their own or read with the series to revisit your favorite characters.

Shawn Collick's Review:

I loved this story, it drew me in from the start and took me along for a great ride! Collin is such a sweet, gentle giant of a man that just cares for Harper perfectly, it just made me swoon while reading. Harper fits perfectly into Collins life and arms! Even several years couldn’t dampen the connection between them. I loved how well the story flowed along super sweet and schmoopy, then turned so hot and sexy! This will be a book I read again and again.

Molly Otto's Review:

What starts off and hot and wild passion turns into a true romance. Colin & Harper had a one night stand years ago and haven't been able to let the other go. They felt that connection even though no names were given, they'd try to find another again. With the help and encouragement of some crazy octogenarian, these two get their second chance for something real this time around.

This does start off as heat over feelings, but in time, you can feel that switch in the characters when it becomes more than hormones. Both men have amazing support systems and am so happy to see they both have that in this low angst, high heat read.

Angel's Review:

I have adored all of Duckie's work, and I loved this one just as much! I loved the concept of Collin's outward appearance portraying one thing, but him being completely different. I adored the fact how he was a soft cuddly bear of a person and how he was so passionate about crocheting, it was so cute!

Harper's character was so bubbly and full of life, I really adored his character too. These two just fit together so beautifully! After a hookup that happened years ago these two never forgot about one another, they were always thinking about the other. I liked how once these two found each other again they didn't waste time reconnecting.

They both knew they wanted to be in each other's lives and to see where things went, and they made sure not to waste time. I loved Ivy's character, she was hilarious and so kooky!! She's full of life and adds such a silly humor to the story, I just loved her! This book was full of fluff, cute characters, and a meddling grandma who has a routine scoping out candidates at the diner. Overall a really great story! I'm so excited to see whose story is next.

Rogue's Review:

This is the 3rd in a series but can be read standalone. Second chance, age gap, bi-awakening, low angst with a huge teddy bear biker and the guy that got away 6 years ago.

This is more a shared world series than anything else, there are mentions of the other couples in the series but this can easily be read standalone. 6 years ago Collin and Harper had a one night stand, no names, and since then they haven't been able to stop thinking about each other. By chance, they meet again at Heartcraft Market as Harper has moved to the town where Collin lives, and they reconnect. I loved Collin, he's this big burly biker dude who is the most massive teddy bear, he lives with his Grandma (who is amazing), and he crochets for a living, selling his items at the market. Harper is younger, just out of college and trying to find himself and his find his place in the world.

I loved these two, they're just the absolute sweetest together, Collin is so gentle with Harper and they just absolutely fit together, it's like they always belonged together. There's no angst, no fly in the ointment, just a super sweet and warm story of two souls coming back together at the right time and making it work. It's such a lovely low angst, warm story - it's like a hug in book form. I adored this and cannot wait for Marley's story now.

SNik's review:

Third in series (Heartcraft Market), but can be read as standalone. Second chance. Age gap. No angst. Dual POV. 

Harper still thinks about the cinnamon roll biker that made his first time with a man memorable six years ago. But Harper doesn’t realize that Collin still thinks about him as well, and now they are living in the same town so when they run into each other again that one time connection sparks again. Once they begin seeing each other, there is no hesitation in allowing feelings to grow and the possibility of a future together seems easily attainable. Both Collin and Harper are so sweet and earnest, I enjoyed their honest conversations, their fearless acceptance of their feelings, and every moment they have loving interactions as they spend time together. There are supportive secondary characters, cute dates, and plenty of steamy times with the romance always the center of their relationship.

Heather's Review:

Yarn and Yearnings is a schmoopy, second chance romance with a standout side character... sometimes the universe puts you in the right place at the right time for a second chance... and that's the gist of this book... especially since it means Harper has moved in with his ex-girlfriend's parents!  Not only do Harper and Collin get a chance to re-connect, but we get oodles of fun with Collie's grandmother, Iris!  Now that woman is a live wire!

As with the other books in this series, this one can be read standalone, especially since the only other real market connection is the man whose book is next in the series, but if you love a good low angst story where the characters break the molds, you'll want to add this one to your TBR.

Yarn and Yearnings is currently available as an e-book and paperback and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription