Thicker Than Water (Fangs & Felons Book 1) by Becca Seymour

One mission changed Callen and Thatcher's life forever, both in a bad way, and also in a good way as well. Thicker Than Water is the first in the Fangs & Felons urban fantasy romance series.

From the blurb:

Following rules is for pussy cats. And since I’m a wolf, not a chance in hell I’ll toe the line. Well, not when my boss is a prick and he gives me bullshit assignments.

When I stumble upon an undercover operation, one that becomes deeply personal and impossible to walk away from, I do something that leaves my head spinning.  

I follow the rules.

Joining an elite squad in the SICB, I work with a unit that has me questioning everything I thought I knew about working in a team.

They’re tightknit, work under the radar, and kick arse on a daily basis.

There’s just one problem. The team leader, my new boss, needs my help, which also means he becomes my housemate.

Mesmerizing, confident, and with the greenest eyes that make my head spin, Liam “Thatch” Thatcher is a newly changed wolf shifter who immediately draws my respect.

It’s a dangerous combination.

Bonded by memories and blood, together we have to navigate the blood farm operation that has wider reaches than we could ever imagine. And when it comes to matters of the heart, to win, I need to risk it all.

Even if it goes against every one of my instincts.

Thicker Than Water is the first book in a gay urban fantasy romance series. Between the pages, you’ll find high-octane action, snarky vampires and shifters, and steamy scenes to make you swoon.

Angel's Review:

I've had this book in my TBR pile for a long time, and with Becca releasing the third book in this series, I knew it was time for me to dive in!

I've read Becca's more contemporary work, but I have not seen her write a more darker, angstier story until now. I think she did a wonderful job creating the world in which this book takes place in. Every scene was described in so much detail, I could picture the surroundings myself. The characters were absolutely incredible!! It was very easy to grow attached to each character from the very beginning. Callen and Thatcher are amazing characters, the slow burn that occured between them was handled so well! The pacing in this story I thought was done very well, I enjoyed the pace of both the main storyline and also the pace of Callen and Thatcher's relationship.

The side characters are just as amazing as the MC's are! I loved every single character! Kent, Michaels, Lucas, Koen, Lucinda, they all added their own element and dynamic to this story. They provided comical relief at times, loyal support during others, and they gave a found family feeling throughout this book.

The action scenes were incredible!! Well written, well described, everything just made sense. The way in which Becca wrote the characters and how they went on the journey of discovering the bad guys was done so well! It was as though I was on that journey with them which was really cool!!!

I'm super excited to see what's next for these characters!!