The Play (Charleston Condors Book 4) by Beth Bolden

Feelings can't last 12 years can they? And what if being together again just makes that crush grow to something so much deeper, even if Deacon and Grant are supposed to keep everything professional? The Play is the fourth book in the Charleston Condors series.

From the blurb:

Last year, defensive end Deacon Harris witnessed the very worst of the Charleston Condors. After everything he and the team went through, he promised himself he’d walk away from football. But before he can retire, the team is sold to the last person he ever expected to see again.  

Deacon stays because the Condors are going into major rebuilding mode. New owner. New coach. New players. New rules.

But one rule hasn’t changed: don’t fall in love with the owner of your football team.

Grant might be brilliant and a billionaire, but Deacon only remembers Grant as his tutor in college—and as the one who got away.

In all his dreams about reconnecting, he never imagined that Grant would end up as his boss. Both his downfall, and also his salvation.

Or that they’d be forced into confronting the Condors’ most difficult challenge yet—but that they’d face it together, hand in hand, tackling their critics and proving once and for all that love doesn’t take sides.

SNiK's review:

Fourth in series (Charleston Condors), but can be read as a standalone. Second chance. Dual POV. Grant Green, the new owner of the Charleston Condors has a lot of reasons for buying the team, but one secret reason, defensive end Deacon Harris. Back in each other’s orbit, Deacon is happy to see his former college tutor, it’s been twelve years but the once simmering rush now expands when they are working together to rebuild the Condors. The pining and attempt to keep everything business was definitely heartfelt and understandable, and Deacon and Grant are so swoony when they are together, every interaction showed the chemistry and want they felt deeply. Both Deacon and Grant have harbored their feelings for so long, and their commitment and love even before they begin a romantic relationship is obvious. Some angst surrounding the status and publicity of their relationship, but never any between them as they fight to protect each other and are determined to hold on forever. Really love this series.

Angel's Review:

I've been looking forward to Deacon's book for ages, and when I read Jem's story it made me even more eager to get Deacon's story. Beth made the wait SO worth it!! The way Beth started us off with a college age Deacon and Grant was such a fantastic way to start this story! After all, that is where their story first started.

Beth knows how to write books with incredible characters, she knows what she's doing, and I've enjoyed every book she's written, and this book was so good! Well written, it had the banter and playfulness with the teammates that we're used to, their was pining and angst, and most of all there was love. Different types of it too. Yes, there is love between Grant and Deacon, but there's also love between each of the guys on the Condors, they are a family and care about each other so fiercely. I love the found family that Beth evokes with these characters, and she did a wonderful job doing that again with this beautiful story!

I'm elated to finally know what's been going on between Grant and Deacon! I loved the way their relationship was handled, it developed and occurred so naturally and flowed so beautifully! The pacing was extraordinary, everything just happened so smoothly. I'm really happy that all of the guys were such big components in this book, it wouldn't have been the same series if they hadn't been involved. I was so happy to see Jem's character pop up, it was nice to see how close Jem and Deacon are.

I also loved seeing the Bills mentioned! I live near Buffalo, so seeing them mentioned in this book was such a lovely surprise!!

The ending made me cry, it was so profound and so immensely beautiful! The way Beth wrapped up his story was so impeccable and was such an incredible way to tie up Deacon's story. I'm sad to know that Beth's taking a break from writing football, but I'm so excited to see what she releases next!!

I'm also still hoping that one day Kieran will get his own story!

Heather's Review:

I can't believe that the Charleston Condors stories are now complete... I need Nick's story, but I digress... let's focus on Deacon and Grant... this story has been teased throughout the Condors series, so you know it'll be something special.

From their initial interaction to their inevitable first kiss, Beth Bolden takes slow burn to a whole new level... the heated looks, the stolen thoughts, the pining... and the angst!

I love these guys and the journey they took to their HEA!  Make sure you snag the bonus epilogue - totally worth the read!

The Play is currently available as an e-book and paperback and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription