The Omega Thief (Wolves of the Five Kingdoms Book 1) by Victoria Sue

The characters are strong and pleasing and the author takes time early on in the book to fully round them out and put some flesh onto the bones. A very enjoyable start to a new fantasy series....

From the The Omega Thief blurb:

Sometimes being a crown prince was incredible, and sometimes you were just royally screwed.

The Fenrir shifters had ruled Cadmeera successfully for thousands of years and Crown Prince Raz'mar Kinsharae was determined his reign would be as successful as his father’s.

Unfortunately, no king could be crowned without bonding with an omega consort, an ancient magical ritual that had to take place first, and so far none of the omegas put forward were his bond mate.

The Anti-Shifter Alliance had gone from annoying protestors to cold-blooded murderers in the blink of an eye, and on top of that a human petty thief had been arrested and was demanding a royal hearing.

Raz wasn’t sure his day could get any worse.

Raz was about to be proved wrong.

Zakiyya's review:

After we are fully introduced to the players and have become comfortable in the world then the pace of the book really picks up and the strands of the tale spread out until there are adventurous storylines playing out.

I definitely enjoyed the attraction between Raz and Attiker and would have certainly loved it if this was a little spicier.

While the story definitely had a good plot and well-written characters, I can’t help but feel that it would have much better had there been a little more attention to character development.

Miki J's review:

This one is a tough one for me... but I will say that I did end up enjoying this book very much. Loved the world building and setting the author had created - which is a must for any fantasy novel. And the supporting characters who become like family, brilliant. Plenty of banter and humour amongst the alongside the not-so good moments. 

Now, the MC's - hmmm, when I started the book, I was giggling with what Raz needed to do. Finding the right omega, just so he can rule....and what some of the contenders did to become that "right" omega...oh boy !! Then he met Attiker ..... and I can't say I liked him very much for a few chapters and it took a bit for him to redeem himself (to me) - communication man !! Really !!!! Suffice to say, take heed of TW's..... Overall though, I did really end up enjoying this book - story is well paced with plenty of action, suspense, political drama and plot twists. Will for sure read book # 2 !

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