The Fake Husband Deal (Spencer Brothers Book 2) by Ana Ashley

Ana Ashley is back with the second Spencer Brother's HEA - with The Fake Husband Deal

From the blurb:

Love, as it turns out, is the most complicated deal of all.

I'm the one-and-done, allergic-to-feelings, marriage-is-for-suckers guy.

That night with him? Unforgettable.
Learning he's my new client? Unexpected.
Pretending the spark between us isn’t a forever flame? Impossible.

My life is a string of bad decisions.
Proposing a fake marriage to the sexy silver fox may be the worst one yet, but he needs me, and I might need him more.
Besides, why would I kick him out of my life when he looks so good in it?

What starts as a business arrangement quickly becomes something I can't categorize. Falling in love is definitely not part of our deal.

The Fake Husband Deal is book two in Ana Ashley's new series featuring the charming and far-too-handsome-for-their-own-good Spencer Brothers.
Expect romance, heat, fun, and plenty of laughs from a loving but slightly too meddlesome family unit.

Heather's Review:

Instant attraction to an anonymous stranger, a one night stand, second connection and a conundrum... the perfect recipe for an age gap, romance between a man who is dealing with grief and a will requiring him to marry to get his inheritance and a man who claims to never want to settle down...

This book has lots of steam, a dash of drama and a whole lot of feels and it had amazing pacing!  While you don't necessarily have to have read what comes before, the characters from The Lost FiancĂ© Twist feature prominently, and we get more build up for the final Spencer Brother's story.  

Jacquie's Review:

Lior and Noah have a fairly instant connection, a spark that ensures Lior accepts Noah's fake husband deal.

Love a fake relationship trope and the banter between these two as they tried not to give in to their fiery chemistry was so fun!

The feelings developed fairly quickly, but weren't expressed for a while. I liked how Lior was Noah's safe space and Noah made Lior actually enjoy life.

Plenty of hints for the next book. Cannot wait

The Fake Husband Deal is currently available as an e-book and paperback and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription