The Duke's Cowboy by Andrew Grey (Cowboy Nobility book 1)

What do you get when you mix a rancher and a duke?  Find out in The Duke's Cowboy... 

From the blurb:

George Lester, the Duke of Northumberland, flees familial expectations in Britain for the promise of freedom of San Francisco, looking for the chance to be himself. But before he even gets close, a blizzard forces him off the road, and he finds himself freezing half to death in a small town with no motel… with a litter of puppies to look after.

Luckily for George, he also finds Alan.

As the heir to his family’s ranch, Alan Justice knows the burden of being the oldest son. He doesn’t have time to show George, the stranger his brother dragged home, what it takes to be a cowboy. But that very night, George surprises him by helping a mare in distress through a difficult birth. Maybe the duke is made of sterner stuff than Alan thought.

George and Alan keep surprising each other, and every day they grow a little closer. But when George’s responsibilities call him home, Alan finds he’s the one who has something to prove—that he can handle what it means to be the duke’s cowboy. 

Heather's Review:

What could be considered an opposites attract story begins with a chance encounter between George and a litter of puppies and winds up with him crashing at a nearby ranch.  Willing to work and knowledgeable about horses, George still rubs Alan the wrong way...

I love how as they actually talk to each other, they actually find they have more and more in common with each other, despite the trappings of their lives.

With a fair amount of outside angst, an eventual ocean between them and more, this was a read with building heat, a little suspense and a HEA that leads you to wanting to read what comes next in the series!

The Duke's Cowboy is available in wide release paperback and e-book.