Parts of Us (The Game Series Book 14) by Cara Dee

Cozy, welcoming and gently warm, each story creates the feeling of coming home!This is one of the series with the most impressive, broad cast of main characters. And while the focus of each book is on a different trio/quad, the other characters don't just fade into the background or make sporadic cameos. Nope! This is such a uniquely shaped found family that their lives are practically intertwined and connected on a deeply spiritual level.

From the Parts of Us blurb:

The Game Series, #14 • Doll Parts Sequel • MMMM • M/s • DD/lb • Hurt/Comfort • Found Family • Angst • HEA

Grab your favorite stuffie and join Cam, Lucian, KC, and Noa as they jump over life’s hurdles together with their kinky friends as support. Brat shenanigans are to be expected, starting with an Easter Egg Hunt—that has a twist—and continue until they’re off on their Caribbean cruise.

I could admit, when my boyfriend and I finally got together with our Master and Daddy Dom, I’d thought that this was it. I was going to cruise through the rest of my life high on love.

Six months later, I knew that the reality of a happily ever after was much more complex, messy, and beautiful. I learned to see it in the little things. Like in the smiles between Master and Daddy that whispered of their thirty-year-long friendship, in how my boyfriend lit up when he got a new stuffie, and in how we painted the walls of our home with all the raw emotions life brought. I saw it in the way our dynamics evolved, how we truly were four parts of a whole, and how we overcame obstacles.

We did have one obstacle we couldn’t postpone any longer. My boyfriend still hadn’t told his mother that he wasn’t dating only me. He was dating her ex-husband, the man who’d been his stepfather. We also had to convince our Master to cut down on work because he was stressing himself out, and his blood pressure was already high.

Then one night, I lost my footing when he collapsed and an ambulance drove off with him.

We couldn’t be us without him. If one was missing, we were just…parts.


The Game Series is a BDSM series where romance meets the reality of kink. Sometimes we fall for someone we don’t match with, sometimes vanilla business gets in the way of kinky pleasure, and sometimes we have to compromise and push ourselves to overcome trauma and insecurities. No matter what, one thing is certain. This is not a perfect world—and maybe that’s why the happily ever after feels so good.

The characters in the Game Series cross over in multiple books, as we follow not only new love interests but the background friendships and dynamics of a thriving kink community. This is the second story that follows KC, Noa, Cam, and Lucian. Parts of Us is best enjoyed if you’ve read Doll Parts first.

GaleM's review:

They are more than friends, united by the specifics of their D/S lifestyle. Every joy, success, failure, struggle, burden, doubt resonates throughout the community. The stories are all interconnected, but the last one is about some of the characters I love the most so I was really happy for the peek into the inner sanctum of the relationships between KC, Lucian, Cam and Noa. And what I discovered completely floored me. Their love and care for each other were so masterfully described on page that the readers could feel it deep down to the marrow of their bones. And I felt it, experienced it, and kept it as one of my favorite memories. When Lucian 's passionate workaholic tendencies, led him to a hospital stay, this scare rocked the whole foundation of his little family of 4. Because not only did he endangered himself and completely overlooked his own health and needs, but his choices reflected badly on the life of the people depending on him, believing in him, relying on his strength and better judgement. Boundaries were blurred, promises were broken, but we also got to see how the magnitude of what happened and the way Lucian handled the situation, reflected first on his master-slave 24/7 dynamic with Cam and on the relationships with the other 2 most important people in his life - KC and Noa.

Besides the crisis we witnessed happening in the story, there was also beautifully described reflection of KC and Lucian's friendship through the years that naturally, fluidly morphed into so much more. Lucian's hospital stint brought to the front line, the feelings they both harboured for each other for years, but suppressed in fear, that could irrevocably change their dynamic in unknown direction. And once again I admired the strength they had, to face the internal doubts, wrangle the niggling fears and finally, finally admit the truth in front of each other - the ship has sailed and their friendship has long ago bloomed and changed into love - deep, undeniable and hard to contain in a friendly box, love.

Parts of Us is a spot on name for this story : parts of us are afraid, parts of us have doubts, parts of us are in pain, parts of us secretly crave love and affection, but as long as there is a friend or lover to catch the pieces before they are scattered or shattered, we will be good. Everyone needs a safe landing or a harbour to escape a storm. Lucian and KC were all of these places for each other, for as long as they could remember, in all their formative years. It was a natural continuation to confess the love and embrace it. And even better - they each had one more special person to share it with and the balance in their quad was perfectly formed.

As always in Cara Dee's books, there is a huge bonus that makes the emotional impact of every story, even more intense. It's the kinks galore of course: exhibitionism, Voyeurism, sharing, water sports, doll play and so much more. With all the sadists, masochists, Littles and slaves in a tight knitted community without kink shaming, where every desire is welcome to be explored, while boundaries are always respected, there is so much fun to have.

Nicole's review:

There were so many feelings!!!! I really enjoyed how Cara finally gave us some of KC and Lucien’s history. It really solidified the quads relationship for me. I was so happy that the hospital stay was so over hyped. I loved all the squishmallows. My family is obsessed too. I adore Noa and seeing Cam show more of his little side was perfect. I am very nervous for Pen next.

Lestiger's review:

I was looking forward to this volume because The Game Series is my favorite series by Cara Dee. You don't have to know the whole series, but I recommend at least reading Doll Parts first, then you'll get the full reading experience.

I loved the dynamic between Lucian, Cam, KC and Noa and it was great to get to know the characters better. Lucian is a workaholic and because he doesn't take care of his health, he ends up in the hospital. This is a major event for the relationship between the four of them and I loved how the author described the care and love, but also the stressful situations of the small family and their relationships with each other. Having wondered for some time about KC and Lucian's past, I was delighted to find that these questions were answered in flashbacks in this book.

Cara Dee's writing style was wonderful as always and once I started reading, the story quickly captivated me. Get ready for lots of emotions and a slightly different Easter egg hunt.

As I said, the story was very entertaining and emotional and we meet many of the protagonists from the previous volumes again, which I always enjoy. And now I'm already looking forward to the next volume!

Heather's Review:

Revisiting the MMMM dynamic from Doll Parts gives us a deeper and more emotional look into the relationship of Lucian, KC, Cam and Noa... exploring what happens when a crisis requires a complete pivot and also giving us even more background into these amazing characters... with the bonus of all the kinky goodness, found family and D/s dynamic.

The only thing I struggled with is that the a few chapters take us back in time, and that throws off my reading, but overall this was a great addition to The Game world and I look forward to what comes next!

Parts of Us is currently available as an e-book