Just Like Magic (Longview Romance Book 1) by Ellie Roth

"You can kiss and make it better." This line just slayed me.....

From the Just Like Magic blurb:

The witches are rioting again.
Figures. They overreact to everything.

Anwer Alexander, son of the notoriously anti-magic governor, has everything he wants in life: a good job, amazing parents, and an annoying brat of a younger sister. But when his sister Shay manifests the same kind of magic powers that get countless teenagers kicked out of their houses, Anwer has to scramble to find her a witch who can show her how to control them—and make sure their parents don’t find out.

Christian Lewis, the most powerful magic user in the tristate area, doesn’t know what to do with himself when the Alexander siblings ask him to teach Shay in exchange for Anwer helping Chris with a life-changing ritual. But no matter how much he hates their parents, Chris has never been able to say no to mentoring a newbie magic user from a toxic household—even though her scowling older brother infuriates him.

As the long summer days grow warmer, Anwer and Chris find themselves slowly drawing closer to each other over Shay’s training. Sparks fly when Shay decides that she wants to compete in the Santiago, the largest magic tournament of the year, but will the five-day competition be the beginning of something more or the end of everything Anwer and Chris hoped for?
Just Like Magic is a contemporary LGBTQ+ romantic fantasy that features a modern world imbued with magic, a slow-burn enemies-to-lovers romance, found family vibes, tragic backstories, mild to moderate steaminess, major angst, and a happy ending for our protagonists (with a few plot threads left open for later books).

*Content warnings available on website.

Honorable Mention in the Romance category of the 10th Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published E-Book Awards

Miki J.'s review:

This is truly an enemies to lovers storyline ....with a poignant and bittersweet ending. Don't get me wrong, it is HEA, for sure ! Story is told from 2 POV's - a magic user (witch is on the way out....) who has a heart of gold and a normal guy who is very protective of his sister and would do anything to help her out. You can feel the animosity between them when they have to interact, but it's not over the top or mean.....quite snarky and, you guessed it, the more they interact, the more those walls come down !! 

Loved the world setting and background details and the characters - it's a small group but you know we are going to see more of them. Very enjoyable story - snarky, sweet and goofy with a great group of friends/found family. It'll also tug on your heart (yes, there is a hiccup or three !!) but you'll finish with a smile.

Just Like Magic is currently available as an e-book, paperback, and hardcover book