Co-Star (Hollywood Lives) by Ava Olsen

Co-Star is a standalone novel set in the Voyagers universe, Reed and Tate are best friends who become enemies, and eventually lovers. There's a lot of angst and strife along the way to a satisfying HEA.

From the blurb:

Tate Aduma is a Hollywood actor that everyone wants and no one really knows. Our first meeting as young dreamers sparks a decade of incredible highs and lows. I’ve loved him, I’ve hated him, and I can’t live without him.  

But I know that love in the spotlight is not made to survive.
Will we?

Tate: Reed Larkin is the only constant in my chaotic life of movie sets, parties, and nameless lovers. But while being on stage is second nature, being myself in real life is a role I struggle to play. Then I’m offered the biggest part of my career, working alongside Reed as my co-star, and my love interest.
This time, however, neither one of us is acting…

Co-Star is a best friends to enemies to lovers, MM romance filled with combustible chemistry, indelible love, and a HEA a decade in the making.

Rogue's Review:

Standalone, best friends to enemies to lovers, hurt/comfort, addiction, HEA.

This is a standalone story, although connected to the previous Voyagers series where Reed and Tate do appear. This is their story from their first meeting, to their eventual and hard-won HEA. They have a lot of things to get through to reach that ending though, and I was with them every step of the way. I actually couldn't put this down once I got started, Reed and Tate are such compelling characters. I love that they were best friends at first, both so intensely ambitious with their acting careers, yet both so supportive of each other.

As you'd expect with a story set in Hollywood, it's not plain sailing for them, especially as Reed is out and Tate isn't. Tate also has some stuff from his past that he really hasn't dealt with in a healthy way and falls into the hollywood lifestyle, in spectacular fashion. I honestly couldn't turn away from their story, the ups and downs, from friends to being at odds, to eventually reconnecting due to personal tragedy, I needed to know how it would all play out.

I loved this so much.

Heather's Review:

Fair warning, you get a lot of backstory with this book - the first third of the book runs you quickly through vignettes over more than a dozen years as we see these two men go from roommates to best friends to enemies and finally to lovers...

Because this book has so much backstory, you need to know just how emotional and wonderful the final 2/3 of the book is and how worth it that backstory is!    I truly loved watching both Tate and Reed finally accept themselves and each other and work towards a beautiful HEA!

Co-Star is currently available as an e-book and paperback and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription