Chef Charades (The Brotherhood Legacy Book 5) by Merry Farmer

The Brotherhood Legacy heads to rural Dorset, as Walt rediscovers his passions with Kit in Chef Charades!

From the blurb:

Two men on the verge of losing everything take a chance on each other…

After failing to win a Michelin star for his London bistro and having a mini-meltdown, Walt Severance has taken a break from it all by visiting his sister in rural Dorset. When he stumbles onto Kit Courrier’s sheep farm, they both see an opportunity for Walt to clear his head with a little manual labor…and maybe a little something else. Anything to help Walt escape the heartache of the restaurant industry.

But Kit may want more than Walt is able to give…

The last thing Kit needs with his farm in financial danger is for a man that feels so right for him in every way to walk into his life. Even more, Kit believes that he has the skills and experience, as a dom, to help Walt through his anxiety issues and get him back on the path he is meant to be on. But how do you build a lasting relationship when you might not be compatible in the bedroom?

The solution to both Kit’s and Walt’s problems just might be a different sort of collaboration altogether, and one that will definitely heat things up!

Chef Charades is the fifth book in The Brotherhood: Legacy series…which tells modern-day stories of the men of The Brotherhood. It involves a broken heart and shattered dreams, shenanigans with sheep (no, not that kind, get your mind out of the gutter! :-P), a hostile takeover from a nasty neighbor, discovering a dungeon in the basement, too many safe words, an epic feast, finally making it all click *wiggles eyebrows*, and, of course, the nearly two-hundred-year-old organization known as The Brotherhood. You can read more about the origins and Victorian doings of The Brotherhood in The Brotherhood: Origins and The Brotherhood series.

Lisa's Review:

Wonderful story of Walt Severance, anxiety-ridden owner of Waltz, an amazing restaurant in London, and Kit Courrier, sheep farm owner and neighbour of Walt's sister. The attraction between these two is instant but Walt is not sure he's up for a relationship right now and may never be when he finds out what Kit is into. Amazing to watch these two navigate all the ups and downs and finally get everything "tied up" to their liking. Part of the Brotherhood: Legacy series but can easily be read as a standalone.

Heather's Review:

While this book takes us out of London and away from the central Brotherhood location, you can still feel it's reach as Kit and Walt struggle to build a future they both want together without losing everything...  the relationship, the connection and the ability for Kit to read Walt's needs are strong and sweet throughout the book.  Most of the angst comes from outside and that's where The Brotherhood comes into play to help these two have the HEA of their dreams...

Another beautifully written story that gives two men the best HEA and builds them up rather than tears them down, combining their talents with their connections to do something amazing for love.  This book can easily be read standalone, but having some of the background on The Brotherhood may enhance your enjoyment of the story.

Chef Charades is currently available as an e-book and paperback and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription