Catching a Water Nymph (Cryptid Enforcement Bureau Book 1) by Shelby Rhodes

When Severo got tasked to capture a water nymph he knew there was something off about the case. He never expected it to turn out how he did. Or that he'd end up being the one caught by the nymph.

From the Catching a Water Nymph blurb:

I don’t like that you are staring at me—it’s suspicious. Ugh, I suppose you want to hear my story? I’m Seri North. I was your average, highly introverted, slightly nerdy, workaholic male Water Nymph. Until I made the horrible decision to go on a date with a rich, psychotic Shadow Dweller, who just so happened to be in charge of a large criminal enterprise.

That date ended in a whole ton of paranoia, trauma, and pregnancy, after almost six years of captivity. For the sake of my dwindling sanity, you won’t see most of that captivity. You get to see the fun—and not so fun—aftermath.

So, what does one do while heavily pregnant in captivity? Escape, obviously. Logically, I knew HE would come after me. If not just due to his obsession, then definitely to get his hands on my child. What I did not expect was to be accused of murder, and for the Shadow Dweller that showed up at my door to be an agent with the Cryptid Enforcement Bureau, instead of my ex-captor.

The agent, Severo Ambrose…was not what I expected. Not that I expected him at all. But he was vastly different from what I had come to understand about Shadow Dwellers.

Either way, that is about where this story starts. With poor innocent me being chased by the universal government for a crime I didn’t commit. A story of pain, trauma, healing…and love. The love, honestly, surprised even me. But Severo…as I said, was not what I expected.

Content Warning: Catching a Water Nymph is an Mpreg MM Romance book. Please see inside, or my website, for full content warning!

Angel's review:

The way Shelby writes is so unique and whimsical. The way she writes not only the stories themselves, but the way she writes her characters, just completely immerses you into whichever story she's telling.

I love her series about Foxx and Harlow, however, I think Seri and Severo are my new favorites. I found this story to be truly fantastic! When I saw the length of this book I was worried that the pacing would be too slow, and that certain events would be too drawn out. That did not happen here, I didn't need to worry.

While this book is long, it needed to be. There was so much that Seri's character needed to tell, there was many different things that needed to be resolved, and the length of the book was completely necessary. For me, the pacing was excellent! I was enamored by all of the intricate details that Shelby described while describing certain locations, along with the descriptions of characters.

Once I started this book I was hooked, I didn't want to put it down, and now that I've finished it I'm really sad that it ended. Seri and Severo's relationship is definitely a slow-burn with a hint of friends to lovers mixed in. The way their dynamic developed on page was so natural and was really fitting for what all was going on. I found all of the scenes to be written very well!

I have to talk about some of my favorite scenes! First up is the back and forth that Seri and Severo went through whilst Severo was trying to capture Seri. They were well written, and they helped show more of how strong and protective Seri's character is. I also adored all of the scenes where Severo kept buying clothes for Skya, it was so cute! I also have to acknowledge that Skya's character was just so adorable! She is such a smart cookie, who cares about her 'da-da' and her 'oh-oh'. The depictions of her was so endearing, and the bond she formed with Severo was so special! All of the nicknames Severo came up with for Skya were so endearing! Nymphant was really cute, as was calling her gummy bear! I also loved that Seri called her his little dewdrop, it was all just so cute!

I loved how Shelby circled back around to the topics that were mentioned earlier on in the story, I love that she acknowledged them and explained them in better detail. That just made the whole story feel complete. Nothing felt left out, it didn't feel as though anything was missing or wasn't discussed. This was a very thought out book, with fantastic writing, incredible characters, a plotline that will get your heart racing, and adorable descriptions of a baby getting dressed up as different animals.

Overall a truly impeccable story that showcases live in it's many forms.

Catching a Water Nymph is currently available as an e-book, hardback, paperback, and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription