Audio Review: Hot Conduit (Hot Under the Collar book 2) by Katherine McIntyre

Dylan Rockwell brings Hot Conduit from fun to hot, making you understand these men all the more. Happy to see Katherine McIntyre stuck with him for this series.

From the blurb:

Lex can’t stand Theo. Theo thinks Lex is a dick. Except one dating app mishap is about to bring them so much closer together.

Theo: I’ve dated every shade of shitty guy imaginable, yet I keep boyfriending them. Mostly because my empty house doesn’t align with the happily-ever-after fantasies I’ve had since I was a kid.

No more. After my last boyfriend cheated on me, I’m flings only, even if temptation dangles my way. And when Lex shows up to fix my wiring issue, he’s pure temptation—at least until he decides to randomly hate my guts. Luckily, the sexy guy I’m talking to on the CoffeeDates app is the perfect chance for a one-night stand—no drama, no betrayal, and most importantly, no boyfriending.

Lex: Avoid rich assholes at all costs. One broken engagement later, I learned they’ll never stick around for blue collar guys like me. Even though Theo flips my switches, the holier-than-thou upper-class attitude is enough that I’m keeping my distance. Until I find out the guy I’ve been falling hard for over the dating app is none other than Theo. All that chemistry between us explodes, and one night turns into another and then another. But he’s not looking for a boyfriend, and I am—and there’s only so long this can last before one of us ends up brokenhearted.

Molly Otto's review:

We are back to the Hot Under the Collar series, and Kat has gone full throttle with the snark in this book. The banter is some of the best I have read in a while, along with so much heat when they crash it, and it will be pure fire!

What I love about this author is that she will bring kink in a way to enhance the story, not just to have it included. Theo shows how much depth he has to us that honestly wouldn't have guessed from SWEAT CONNECTION. Theo shows full throttle Dom snark from the book 1 and more now, and I am all here to see that dynamic! We need more reversed dynamics in the mm world and applaud Kat for continuing to surprise us and hope she keeps up that with her writing.

Audio update
Beautifully done audiobook where you feel all the sass and snark brought to life. Only in a few parts I felt the voice acting was a little over the top but not enough to take away from the story. If you loved the story you will enjoy the audiobook, definitely worth a listen.

Lesetiger's review:

Theo and Lex are great characters. Both men have problems from previous relationships. It's an enemies to lovers story with sparks flying from the beginning.
I found the story humorous because Lex and Theo would like to behave differently than they do in the presence of their mutual friends. That was quite funny to watch.

I really enjoyed the story with the two of them.
The back and forth banter between the two was wonderful and the excuses and accusations often made me smile.
I really liked this amusing and entertaining story and recommend it!

Dylan Rockwell did a good job bringing the story to life.

Hot Conduit is currently available as an audiobook, e-book and paperback, and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription