Want You Still by C.E. Ricci and Marley Valentine


Intensely emotional story. Two guys plan on an one night stand that turns into much more. The question is do you fight for a relationship knowing it will break your heart.

From the Wane You Still blurb:

The heart always wants what it can't have...

Duty, honor, and sacrifice.  

Dedicating my life to these elements, for family and country, leaves little for myself in return.
It’s why I indulge in a no-strings hookup with a handsome stranger mere days before heading half-a-world away.
Except one night turns into a week-long fling, creating a connection at the most inopportune time.
And neither of us want it to end.
Staying in touch is easy at first, but dwindles to radio silence and distant memories as time passes.
I didn’t expect him to reemerge in my life months later, now belonging to someone else.
It should be enough for us both to walk away.
To push down this relentless, aching want.
But we don’t…
We can't.
Because the heart always wants what it can’t have.

Reed Kaye's Review:

I got to the 80% at almost midnight last night so that is telling in itself that I couldn’t set it down until I knew the outcome and ended up staying up way too late.

This is an intense story. Maybe it’s hard to see it exactly as written since I can see this in real life but with sister and brother not necessarily twins.

Two guys meet in a bar both with different reasons for looking for company even just one night. The problem is one night isn’t enough. Talk of soulmate. I have to admit I envy any relationship that starts out this strongly. The problem is these two guys live such totally different lives but decide maybe try keeping in touch as bff’s. Yet there is still that attraction.

One guy decides it just can’t work so proceeds to walk away from any relationship with the other.
But things don’t work out that way. I feel the author’s did a great job of tearing at emotions. Would you be willing to fight for a relationship that can’t work? One that might cause you to hate each other more than desire. If you knew before you got too invested with someone that the two of you would lead to heartbreak would you do it anyway. If after you decide to walk away would you always regret it?
Yes there is a lot of s*x in this story but it also has a lot of get to know you events. Maybe it is to point out the strength of the attraction. Yes there is cheating but for this story it is a big issue. I don’t have trouble with fiction cheating but if people do they should stay away from this story.

I loved this story. It had a storyline about real things that could happen and life isn’t always fluff with a hea even though this sort of does have that.

Wane You Still is available in paperback and e-book formats and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited subscription.