Totally Ducked by Becca Jackson

"I ducking love you." And I really love this duck filled story!

From the Totally Ducked blurb:


Not being able to keep my D in my pants has landed me in hot water with my boss—having your bare butt plastered across multiple sports publications will do that.

To teach me a lesson, he’s transferring me from writing about hockey gods to Banana Ball, and not only do I have to pretend to like the not-so-professional sport, I have to go on tour with them. If I can just keep it in my pants and focus on the writing, I’ll earn a return to the sport I love.

Problem is, the gossip writer who got me into this mess is on tour too.

Ian’s determined to prove he’s meant for sports and not gossip columns, so when he suggests we create a public rivalry that’ll boost our reader engagement and get us both what we want, I reluctantly agree.

But the more time I spend with him, the more confusing my feelings for him become, and suddenly I’m looking at labels I never thought would apply to me.

After an explosive kiss it becomes so much harder to focus on the writing and faking our rivalry, but taking a chance on him means risking more than just my game plan to get back to the ice, for the first time in my life, I’ll also be risking my heart.

Angel's review:

When I saw the title of this book I was intrigued, I wasn't exactly sure what to expect which caused me to keep my mind opened to be surprised. And what a surprise this book was!

Duckie got transferred to write articles about Banana Ball after a rather unfortunate incident including his behind got blasted in different news magazines. He didn't think he would like anything about his new position but it turns out he ended up liking more than just the sport, he ended up falling for his rival too.

Ian is also covering Banana Ball after telling his boss he was done with gossip articles. He wasn't expecting to run into the man his most recent article was about, and he definitely wasn't expecting to like the man.

I don't think I've read books by this author before, and I gotta say I was quite impressed with their writing. I thought things were really well written and explained in a way I could understand. I didn't even know Banana Ball existed, I had no idea what that was until I read this story. The way Becca wrote about it made me understand the sport, and what it consisted of, along with what the goal of it is. I learned about something new while reading this!

The mystery around where all the little ducks are coming from was such a cute and fun addition! I absolutely loved that concept, I thought it was so cute! The characters relationship I thought progressed really well, it has a very nice and progressive flow to it. The side characters all added their own personality to the main story, and it made it really fun getting to know each character.

Overall a 'ducking' fabulous story! (You see what I did there?)

Molly Otto's review:

Well, this book is just plain fun as simple as that. Duckie keeps his nickname a secret while hiding ducks on the Banana Ball tour, where Ian goes out, finding them and collecting them. These two start off on the wrong foot, yet their banter is brilliant from the go, and you just can't help but smile as you read. Loved how Duckie being on this tour made him fall in love with a sport he left behind years before. Not to mention his open mindset to trying new things because it's worth a shot at something exciting. Ian is a great supportive partner from the getgo, letting him come to his own and take at Duckies pace.

No third act breakup drama included, which was nice to see. When they have disagreements, they step back but to cool down to help problem solve and go back when ready to talk again. It's just an overall fun low angst read when looking for something not too heavy.

Heather's Review:

Totally Ducked was a quack up with steam!  I loved the rivals to lovers aspect and the way that both men's stories intersected before they even met, but the running theme of ducking good fun and the fact that Ian embraced the ducky madness just tickles my heart!

This was a fun and relatively lighthearted read with just a featherlight touch of angst and some fabulous comraderie!  I love that Banana Ball was the central theme and look forward to where this series grows from here!

If you're looking for a fun twist on the typical sports romance, than Totally Ducked is exactly what you're searching for - especially if you like to quack up while you're reading.

Totally Ducked is currently available as an e-book and paperback and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription