Three Reasons by Lynn Burke (Elite Escorts MM book 3)

Continuing the Elite Escorts MM series, we get a delicious professor/student story with a delicious D/s Three Reasons

From the blurb:

When I go back to college to prove my worth to my pop, the hot, grumpy professor in my first class is a temptation I can’t resist.

Matteo D’Angelo is also straight, in a position of authority, and a widower, but those three reasons he thinks he’s unavailable are irrelevant.

He’s my Prince Charming come to life.

I manage to weaken his stubborn defenses against the magnetic draw between us, giving him a taste of what could be.

But one of EEMM’s past clients threatens to release damning photos, doubling my workload and stress. I’ve never been the best behaved or the brightest, and I quickly spiral to my breaking point.

Will Professor D’Angelo relent to the pull between us and be the oak I need to help me stay the course? Or will I have no choice but to once again show my family that I’m nothing but a failure?

*Three Reasons is the third contemporary novel in the Elite Escorts MM Series. HEA guaranteed, this age gap, forbidden steamy romance tosses a widowed man and needy brat of an escort together when neither is looking for love. Perfect for readers who enjoy sassy boys with a praise kink and swoon-worthy MCs finding love again.

Heather's Review:

I love seeing the 'happily single' guys find love... the ones who love and embrace their lifestyle until they are hit square in the face with a man to crush on... especially when there's something just a little forbidden about the relationship.  Add in a bratty attitude that hides a huge praise kink and well, you've pretty much set me up to love a book.

I've been tearing through these Elite Escorts MM stories since receiving the first one a few weeks ago and like the last two books, this one flows with steam, romance and an outside threat to navigate before Matteo and Sean can claim their hard won HEA.  I also love that we get cameos from the previous couples and Sean's older brother Micah also plays a big role in this one. 

I have to say that I'm now waiting on tinderhooks for the next book, which is honestly my other kryptonite trope - stepbrothers!

Three Reasons is currently available in wide release paperback and e-book editions.