The Step Bet (Peach State Stepbros #1) by Devon McCormack and Riley Hart

Molly says: "When two step brothers take betting too far and things get real. The Step Bet is the latest co write of Riley Hart and Devon McCormack and I'm happy to see they still have their cohesive magic."

From the blurb:


Sometimes I want to punch that smirk off Atlas McCallister's pretty face.

He's cocky. A troublemaker. A pain.

And, unfortunately, my stepbrother.

We've been fire and kerosene since our parents got together, and to keep from exploding into fistfights, we've used challenges, dares, and bets to battle out our differences.

Our past bets have been a little inappropriate—scandalous, even—but Atlas's latest bet has gone too far.

Do I really believe if he loses, my straight stepbrother is gonna mess around with a guy? And not just any guy: me, his rival and nemesis?

Not a chance.

But if he's so confident he's gonna win...well, my big stepbro must not know me as well as he thinks...


I love getting under Troy's skin.

Mr. Former Prom King. Mr. Heartthrob. Mr. Infuriatingly Perfect. Messing with him is too easy. Too fun. Maybe that's why I'm a little obsessed with him.

Our latest bet is the perfect way for me to test the bisexual waters, and once I dive headfirst into the deep end, I don't want to stop.

With Troy. My stepbro.

It was supposed to be just a little fun, yet with each touch, I like him more than I should. It wasn't supposed to go this far. Now I want Troy to be all mine.

But what we're doing has bigger consequences than our little step bet, and when the stakes are this high, is it worth gambling our hearts when we know this is a game we both could lose?

The Step Bet is the first book in the Peach State Stepbros Series. It can be read as a standalone.

Trigger Warning: The Step Bet is a steamy romance, but one of the secondary characters struggles with addiction. This may act as a trigger for some readers.

Molly Otto's review:

Well, these two are so opposite and yet at the same time so very much alike. Atlas holds his father's lovely personality against Troy and his mom until he opens up and sees they are good people and she made a mistake. Troy has a heart of gold willing to do anything and everything for family, even his annoying yet lovable step bro. Troy will do anything to make his mom happy, even dealing with Atlas's dad.

When one bet leads to another, these two open up with each other and become real and fall hard and fast. Too bad they have to deal with everyone else who may not understand how this relationship works. Troy's mom deserves her second chance even though yes, she made a mistake, but that doesn't mean she should always have to pay for it.

What comes off as a typical college age romance shows more depth than I was initially expecting. I'm glad to see Riley Hart and Devon McCormack Co writing again, a great blend of humor and heart that I look for in books.

Heather's Review:

When Riley Hart and Devon McCormack get together you expect a book with depth of character, chemistry and heat and The Step Bet delivers all three in spades.  It definitely has a rivals/frenemies to lovers vibe and the ongoing rivalry is heightened by Atlas' penchant for making bets with Troy... and the way these bets fuel Atlas and his bisexual awakening.

Both young men have seen so much hurt, especially Atlas and the way he begins to open up to Troy as they get closer is so special.  I love their dynamic and the way they learn to stand together... 

As for triggers, the secondary character's addiction which is mentioned in the blurb as well as two other things I noted that may be spoilers - so highlight the colored section to read: parental cheating and the past death of a parent 

This book is a beautiful new adult, college story with fabulous characters, great banter and intriguing side characters.  I look forward to seeing where this series goes next.

The Step Bet is currently available as an e-book, hardback, paperback, and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription