The Pro vs The Fan (On The Track Book 3) by Nicole Dykes

We are back with Nicole Dykes' On the Track series with The Pro vs The Fan and this time the loveable sweetie Cooper from previous installments. What Cooper wasn't ready for was Maverick the man who changes it all.

Being friends with your biggest celebrity crush isn't a problem right? Maverick hates the limelight, and would never want to drag Cooper into all of the problems that come with being a celebrity, but he wishes he could.

From the blurb:


I’m the pro. Always professional, always mindful of the press, and always doing the right thing.
My life is flashy and chaotic. I’ve spent the past few years doing everything I was supposed to, including smiling pretty for the cameras while standing next to the world’s favorite popstar.
But now that’s over. I’m yearning for a simpler life. I love racing, but the fame part I could do without.
I want a life out of the spotlight, and I want something real.


I’m a fan—how could I not be?
And not just a fan of racing. I can’t help but be swept up by the lives of celebrities. Wondering if they really have it so much better or if something is missing.
Now that Maverick isn’t just that hot racer I’ve followed for years and is instead my friend, I’m starting to see the answer.
We always want what we don’t have.
Rich and famous or poor and seemingly invisible . . . who actually has it better?

Where does true happiness actually lie?

Nedra's review:

What an amazing heartfelt addition to the On the Track series featuring the most amazing human and the biker who falls in love with him. Their journey through the world of intense emotions, fierce love and explosive first times was so beautifully written! Not to mention the quick cameos of previous characters, but Coop stole the spotlight the entire time!

I loved the turmoil Maverick went through with himself and how strong Cooper held his emotions in tact throughout everything. I’m not even going to pretend to understand the emotional state of coming out entails, but can sympathize with how much of an impact this has on someone. Being in the spotlight could not have been more traumatic for Mav, but knowing Coop was at risk of being picked apart made Mav’s hesitation understandable.

This was such an amazing story and the inclusion of all the precious animals was an added bonus! Cannot wait to find out who’s next on the track!!

Molly Otto's review:

Another great addition to Nicole's on the track series! These two had a believable relationship in how it took them tike to see how well they could work together if they gave each other the chance. The elements were believable in the difficulties of coming out while in the public eye, yet feasible when you have the right support system. Both characters are loveable in their own ways. I'm glad to see Nicole has kept up this feeling for this series. Dare I say I like it even more than her Kensley Panthers series! Keep up the good work, cannot wait to see what this author brings us next in this universe.

SNik's review:

Third in series (On the Track), can be read as a standalone, but might be more fun if read in order. Friends to lovers. Slow burn. Dual POV. 

Cooper is maybe the biggest fan of motorcycle racer Maverick, but now they are becoming close friends and that’s great, as long as Cooper can keep his crush to a low simmer. Maverick hasn’t told Cooper he’s bisexual, and even though he wants to spend all his time with Cooper, it can never be more because the fans would surely ruin everything once they found out. 

Both Cooper and Maverick are likable and sweet, totally smitten with each other. They are honest about their relationship and share some steamy times while together. I felt that Cooper was honest and accepted their relationship dynamic at first because he wanted to be with Maverick, and then when he found it was harder than he thought he did what was best for his personal happiness and long term wants, even if it hurt. This was a great addition to the series and I have enjoyed each and every couple.

Jacqueleen the Reading Queen's review:

Now I consider myself a pretty big fan of Nicole Dykes' writing. I've read every single one of her MM titles. So how did I not realize that the love interest for Maverick was the adorable volunteer from the animal shelter!!!? I started reading this and instantly was like OMG! COOPER!!! It got me even more excited to read it which led to me having a sort of de ja vu moment of being excited when it was first announced. Brains are weird sometimes, but I digress.

I loved Cooper and Maverick together. I feel like this one was mostly low angst, except for a little bit near the end. The majority of the book was just how lovely Cooper and Maverick were together. They transitioned so easily into a relationship from the best friends they had become. There was already mutual a respect there. A closeness. Maverick wasn't a famous racer when he spent time with Cooper. He was just Mav, the man who adored the sweet animal lover with absolutely no brain to mouth filter.

I also loved how Sebastian and Axel were totally shipping Maverick and Cooper from the start. Even BEFORE they knew anything had happened between them. It also made me smile to see the two of them still happy together. I really loved their book. Speaking of smiling, the epilogue of this book also had me with a big ol grin on my face. It was the perfect happy ending for these two and wrapped up the book in a nice little bow.

Heather's Review:

Cooper and Maverick are such a sweet, fairly low angst friends to lovers story with just one big hiccup.  Swoony goodness matched with the right amount of steamy heat!  Well paced and beautifully written, with cameos particularly from Sebastian and Axel, this latest On the Track book was chef's kiss.

I would suggest reading the books in order, but you can easily follow the story if you are just in the mood to read a lovely friends to lovers story.

Miki J's review:

Beautiful !! Just beautiful !! I've loved Cooper since we were first introduced to him - he is adorable, kind-hearted and just a bit cheeky. And Maverick - may keep everything close to his chest....but he's a great guy. You could truly read this one as a stand-alone....the other couples are in this book as friends/found family ....this story is truly about the Coop and Mav and how they become friends (while both are wanting more but don't....of course !!) and then it does become more .... and with that.....'nuff said. Get the book, it's very well written and heartfelt story, low angst, funny and with a great supportive found family/friends....and of course, the pets !!! Ya can't leave without one, especially when Cooper releases those puppy-dog innocent eyes !!! Another great series by this author, really & truly !!

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