The Kitchen Gods: The Complete Series by Beth Bolden; Narrated by Wyatt Baker

The Kitchen Gods is great series with a brilliant narration and bundled this way, you get an amazing audiobook deal!

From the blurb:

It’s heating up in the kitchen . . . These four best friends and chefs might know how to cook, but romance is a much tougher recipe.

Featuring all four books in the Kitchen Gods series and over 35,000 words of additional bonus scenes and content.

Bite Me – Pastry Chef Miles can’t wait to turn his dessert videos into something special, except that his producer Evan annoyingly insists they do everything his way. With every confrontation, the intensity between flares even hotter until they’re not sure if it’s hatred they feel or something much hotter.

Catch Me– When Wyatt becomes a private chef for Ryan Flores, the first “out” professional baseball player, he thinks it’ll be the easiest job ever. Except that Ryan has more than just cooking in mind—he needs a fake boyfriend, and Wyatt is the perfect combination of salty and sweet.

Savor Me– Damon Hess doesn’t just want more out of his life, he demands it. He’s hellbent on starting his new restaurant, and Xander, elusive man who saved him a year ago is not only the chef he wants to head his kitchen, but maybe the man he needs to guide him on his sexual awakening.

Indulge Me– Chef Bastian Aquino is a notorious control freak. He makes the first and the last decisions at his restaurant, Terroir. Kian is his new intern and the chef he’s going to guide to an insanely successful career. Except Kian knows that their relationship could be so much more than just work; they could be the perfect pairing if only Bastian could see it.

Lesetiger's review:

I only discovered the Kitchen Gods series with this box, which contains four books and I can highly recommend this box! The series is wonderfully written by the author and if you enjoy culinary stories with all the trimmings, then you've come to the right place.

Each book is about different protagonists. There's Miles, the pastry chef, who has a falling out with his producer Evan over a cooking show, as the two of them are an explosive mix.
Then there's Wyatt, who quits his job to take a better-paid job with baseball player Ryan so that he can pay for his grandmother's nursing home.

In the next book, Xander meets Damon. One has inherited land, the other wants to open a restaurant on a farm.

I liked the last book best. It was about Bastian Aquino and his chef Kian, who we have already met in the course of the series and who is very determined. It was really emotional here.

I thought the series got better with each book and Bastian and Kian were the crowning finale.
The series was entertaining and there is something for everyone: hurt/comfort, rich/not so rich, age difference, boss/employee. The protagonists were all likeable, even if it took me a little longer to understand the reason for one or two of the characters' behavior.

Wyatt Baker entertained me for over 35 hours. I liked his voice and his entertaining narration. I could also have listened to him for much longer. He found the right voice for each protagonist and he did a great job of conveying both the mood and the emotions. Wow, what a brilliant narration! Wyatt Baker was simply fantastic and I couldn't have imagined a better narrator for this series!

The Kitchen Gods: Complete Series is currently available as an audiobook, e-book, and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription