Relevant Heart (The Fearless Heart, Book 3) by Janice Jarrell; Narrated by Walker Williams

Relevant Heart is another great book in The Fearless Heart series.

From the blurb:

Colin is excited to be prosecuting his first murder case. But his ability to remain detached is challenged as the circumstances surrounding the crime awaken his deep inner fear of losing someone he loves; a fear nearly realized when—only two short months ago—Joshua was kidnapped and violently assaulted.

While Colin and his team gather evidence, he and Joshua endeavor to create a program that will establish a bridge between veterans suffering a mental health crisis and local police. But this effort drains Joshua's already fragile health to a dangerous level, leaving Colin frantic with worry and frustration.

Meanwhile, Nate has a play opening off-Broadway and must live in New York City for six to eight weeks. It is clear from the onset that the director has the hots for Nate—or at least for his talent as a playwright—a fact which has David pacing the floor in anxiety. He is happy for Nate and proud of his husband but worried about the director's attention and unhappy about Nate's long absence.

By the time Nate celebrates his opening night, all four friends are exhausted both emotionally and physically and ready for the healing trip to Ireland they've been planning for months.

Colin’s breathtaking ancestral home provides many magical moments, but an unexpected and terrifying incident leaves them shaken and questioning the faith in each other that has always been their foundation. Will these shattering circumstances strengthen their bonds or break their hearts and tear their relationships apart?

Lesetiger's review:

Do you already know the books about Colin and Josh? If not, then you should definitely listen to them, preferably as an audiobook, because Walker Williams is a fantastic narrator. Relevant Heart is another great book in The Fearless Heart series.

The author's writing style is wonderful. Again, it didn't take long and I was right in the middle of the story about Colin and Josh within minutes.

I love the way Colin and Josh treat each other. Very respectful and you can immediately feel the deep love and connection they have for each other. The everyday situations were captured well and, as in any relationship, there are not only highs but also lows. The author has portrayed this wonderfully.
At the beginning, the story mainly revolves around Nate and David. Nate is in charge of a play in New York and has to move there for a few weeks. David is very supportive, but it's also a big adjustment in their lives.

Josh and Colin are also getting on in their jobs, but things are also quite stressful here.
So the four friends decide to take some time out and go on vacation to Ireland.
The trip to Ireland was my absolute highlight. It was lovely to see Colin reunited with his family, but also the scenery was wonderfully described and there are lots of sweet and very romantic, but also some unforeseen moments.

I loved the story. The characters are great and likeable and the four of them have a wonderful friendship. The story was very entertaining and very enjoyable. A real feel-good book for a wonderful reading time. Just switch off and enjoy.

I listened to the audiobook. Walker Williams did a fantastic job as always. He found the right voices for the protagonists and I think it was easy to distinguish between them. Walker Williams brought the story of Josh, Colin, David and Nate to life with all their emotions. It was a pleasure to listen to him!

Relevant Heart is currently available as an audiobook, e-book, and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription