Nerdy Dirty Valentine by Skylar M. Cates

An unexpected reunion with a former classmate sparks an uneasy friendship between an awkward professor and burly firefighter. James accepts the offer by Phineas to help with dating, but it soon turns into something more between them. Will they be finished with the tutoring by Valentine's Day or declaring their love?

From the Nerdy Dirty Valentine blurb:

A nerdy virgin professor wants a little dirty talk… but am I the right person to give it to him?

James assumed I was his bully in high school. In my drunken haze, I thought he was mine. We were both wrong. Starting over as tentative friends, I offer to help James with his dating techniques up until Valentine’s Day. I figure it can’t hurt. I’m sober and a proud firefighter, too busy to worry about romance. And James claims he only needs my help until he finds a real relationship. I don’t want to make a mistake or hurt him.

As February approaches, I find my long-buried crush on James resurfacing again. Only this time, I’m determined to do something about it. Will I have to let James go by Valentine’s Day or follow the feelings in my heart?

Note: Nerdy Dirty Valentine is sweet and naughty. It contains hurt/comfort, practice dating, and friends-to-lovers tropes. For any mild triggers, please see a warning in the opening pages.

SNik's review:

Standalone. Former classmates to friends to lovers. Single POV. Heed content warnings. 

Firefighter Phineas steps in to help a man at the local diner, not expecting him to be James, his long ago high school crush/bully, and after clearing up past misunderstandings he is now forging a tentative friendship with attractive and slightly nerdy professor. Once Phineas offers to help James with dating tips, they quickly fall into more and more romance and feelings that definitely cross the line from just friendship. 

Both men have self doubts and confidence issues to overcome, but together are able to accept support and caring that blossoms into love. James and Phineas were both sweet, likable, earnest, and kind, and once they agree, things ramp up to super steamy dirty talk and fun in the bedroom. There are some sweet declarations, just the thing for Valentine’s Day, and their eventual HEA worked for these two that were maybe meant to be.

Heather's Review:

Former classmates, each with difficult high school memories meet up again as adults and the tale is told through a single POV - Phin's as he comes to grips with his part in James' difficult high school life and what he was going through at the same time.

As sweet as this book is. it brings up some difficult history, though once they get past that, their relationship takes a decidedly steamy turn.  

While I had places where I really wanted James' POV, the overall story flowed well and I enjoyed watching them grow into their relationship. 

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