Love in Mission City: The Shorts by Gabbi Grey; Narrated by Michael Dean

Short and sweet

From the blurb:

Love in Mission City: The Shorts Box Set

Mission City is tucked in the charming Cedar Valley in southwestern British Columbia. If you love heartwarming, contemporary small-town gay romances, then come home to Mission City and fall in love with the men who live there. Romance blossoms in the unlikeliest places. And trouble has a way of finding them...

Page Against the Machine

Dickens has run his family bookstore for years in the quiet ambiance suitable for literary endeavors. When Spike opens a motorcycle repair shop next door, tempers flare and sparks fly. Will they be able to resolve their differences or are they just too stubborn for compromise?

The Lightkeeper’s Love Affair

Ben’s graduation celebration is disrupted by a winter storm. He and his beagle, Buddy, have the only room left in the hotel. When lightkeeper Isaac needs a bed, though, Ben’s happy to share. Platonically, of course. Except something about Isaac makes Ben want more. Not in it for the Money

August’s beloved sister has passed suddenly and the man finds himself in need of comfort. Turning to his employee feels all kinds of wrong, but Julian's arms feel too damned right to resist. Come morning, though, they have to look reality in the face. Is there a chance they find a forever love out of the tragedy?

Marcus’s Cadence

Cadence is trying to sell the home that had been his refuge during his tumultuous teen years. When his teenage crush, Marcus, shows up as a potential buyer, sparks fly. Is there just a real estate deal to be done or could his feelings be requited? (You don't want to imply sex/love is part of a deal)

Ace’s Place

After a fall from grace, Derek has moved to a small town for a fresh start. Harold, the local golden boy made good, catches Derek’s attention. But secrets and omissions cloud what could be the beginning of something special. Can they take a chance on being vulnerable enough to fall in love?

Please note—all five stories have been previously published

Lesetiger's review:

Gabbi Grey has written a series of short stories set in a charming village with interesting protagonists. The stories are fast-paced, entertaining, mostly with insta-love, a dose of romance and sometimes some drama.

Dickens and Spike are neighbors who clash before they get closer. I thought they had great chemistry and it was nice to see them getting closer. 

In the next story there is insta-love, but despite the brevity, the chemistry was believable, the romance was sweet and I liked the characters.

The other stories are also short with interesting protagonists, second chance love, a cute dog and an incredible amount of romance.

The author manages to create enough chemistry in her stories to be believable despite the brevity and the backstories are interesting too.

An entertaining audiobook for in between.

Michael Dean did a brilliant job as always and it was a pleasure to listen to him bring the stories to life.

Love in Mission City is currently available as an audiobook and e-book