Hot Conduit (Hot Under the Collar Book 2) by Katherine McIntyre

Hot Conduit is book 2 in the Hot Under The Collar series, but can be read standalone.  A series of misjudgments and all of a sudden you kind of hate the attractive guy you just met. But you don't have to like someone to hook up with them, right? 

From the blurb:

Lex can’t stand Theo. Theo thinks Lex is a dick. Except one dating app mishap is about to bring them so much closer together. 


I’ve dated every shade of shitty guy imaginable, yet I keep boyfriending them. Mostly because my empty house doesn’t align with the happily-ever-after fantasies I’ve had since I was a kid.

No more.

After my last boyfriend cheated on me, I’m flings only, even if temptation dangles my way. And when Lex shows up to fix my wiring issue, he’s pure temptation—at least until he decides to randomly hate my guts. Luckily, the sexy guy I’m talking to on the CoffeeDates app is the perfect chance for a one-night stand—no drama, no betrayal, and most importantly, no boyfriending.


I avoid rich assholes at all costs. One broken engagement later, I learned they’ll never stick around for blue collar guys like me. Even though Theo flips my switches, the holier-than-thou upper-class attitude is enough that I’m keeping my distance.

Until I find out the guy I’ve been falling hard for over the dating app is none other than Theo.

All that chemistry between us explodes, and one night turns into another and then another.

But he’s not looking for a boyfriend, and I am—and there’s only so long this can last before one of us ends up brokenhearted.

Hot Conduit is a high heat, low angst M/M enemies to lovers romance with goat yoga, edging, and far too much snark that reads as a standalone.

Molly Otto's Review:

We are back to the Hot Under the Collar series, and Kat has gone full throtle with the snark in this book. The banter is some of the best I have read in a while, along with so much heat when they crash it, and it will be pure fire!
What I love about this author is that she will bring kink in a way to enhance the story, not just to have it included. Theo shows how much depth he has to us that honestly wouldn't have guessed from SWEAT CONNECTION. Theo shows full throtle Dom snark from the bokk 1 and more now, and I am all here to see that dynamic! We need more reversed dynamics in the mm world and applaud Kat for continuing to surprise us and hope she keeps up that with her writing.

Reed Kaye's Review:

This story is just full of fun. Two experienced guys with hangups from previous relationships get tossed together. In the beginning both hate the other for reasons true or not. Since they have friends in common they are forced to behave somewhat civilly.
Then both looking for something to ease the loneliness when online strange things start happening.
The banter back and forth between these two is so much fun. The sneaking around is funny. The excuses and accusations kept me page turning. This is a easy, enjoyable read.

SNiK's Review:

Second in series (Hot Under the Collar), but can be read as a standalone. Hatred to lovers. Dual POV. Theo has a history of making bad choices in boyfriends, so he has decided only hookups for the foreseeable future, but hooking up with the guy that hates him wasn’t really what he had in mind. Lex has been there done that with snobby types, but even if he misjudged Theo, they’ve agreed to only be casual, but it quickly becomes one of the most fun and hottest experiences Lex has ever had. Theo is relatable as a serial monogamist that hasn’t had any luck with men, and Lex is still trying to get over being hurt in the past as well. It was fun to read their mutual snark and the grudging sparks of like and then love between them as they banter and have tons of steamy interactions. Lex and Theo really fit together in what they are looking for in a partner, restoring each other’s confidence and appreciating the caring and loyalty others had missed, allowing them to find a special HEA together.

Sheena's Review:

This is the second in the Hot Under the Collar series, but can easily be read as a standalone. This is based around a friend group so characters from the first book do make a few appearances, but this is Lex and Theos story.

First up, this is H O T 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥, and that is definitely not a complaint at all. I love a good bit of heat in stories from time to time if it serves the story, and it surely does here. I really liked both MCs, they have both been through a lot, relationship wise, before we meet them and both seem to want different things, Lex is looking for a relationship and Theo just wants some fun after a string of terrible boyfriends. It's not insta-love/lust between them, in fact they get off on totally the wrong foot and pretty much hate each other at the start. Unknown to them both though, they start chatting through a dating app and end up sharing a lot and finding out more about each other before they meet for the first time again (trust me, that will make sense!)

These two have so much chemistry, it's actually insane. There's a real Dom/Sub vibe here without it being too much, and I loved seeing the snark between them gradually grow into affection, and then more. If there were two characters more suited to each other, then it's been a while since I've read them. I loved this, and really look forward to more.

Angel's Review:

This book is very high steam, I would say 5/5 on the steam level... Which makes sense considering Lex and Theo's arrangement started off as hooking up. The tension that was occuring between these two characters was so thick, and so taught. I couldn't tell if they were going to end up kissing each other or punching one another, and thankfully, the former happened. (If you don't like high steam then this might not be the book for you) I personally don't usually go for books with high steam, however, the characters and the overall plot won me over.

I liked how even when they figured out who they were texting on the app with, they still continued to bicker with each other. And not for show either, that's just part of their dynamic, which I find amusing. I feel like that added a really nice element to this story, and I loved how that didn't change even when they officially got together.

Overall a great book, I'm looking forward to Liam and Ollie's story, it's giving off a potential friends to lovers vibe, and I love that trope!

Heather's Review:

Sizzling connection fizzles out as characters make snap judgements... Another book where IRL interactions are mirrored by chatting on a dating app, but the story still feels fresh and new as teh characters tell their chatting partner about their below the surface issues that they keep to themselves as they interact in person...

Once these two figure it out though the sizzle turns to serious steam and while they don't ever formally discuss their kinks, there is definitely a D/s vibe going on and this dom's kink of choice is definitely edging...

I loved getting to know Theo and Lex and watching them connect the dots and connect on new levels!  I can't wait to see where the next book in the series takes us.

Hot Conduit is currently available in paperback and e-book formats and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited subscription