Highland Fling (Flying into Love #6) by CF White

This episode of Flying into Love takes us to the remote Scottish Highlands to see if love can be found at Castle Largleith in Highland Fling.

From the blurb:

Can a Highland fling stir a culinary passion into lasting love?

Dean Fraser traded his football dreams for cooking when injury struck. He's now got a shot at becoming the new chef at Castle Largleith, despite his lack of experience. Working at the Michelin-starred restaurant in the picturesque Scottish Highlands could change his entire life and help him escape the clutches of his cheating ex-boyfriend.

Hot-headed Executive Chef Ewan Grant is bidding farewell to the career that cost him his lover. To atone for the suffocating guilt eating away at his life's passion, he's determined to fulfil his late partner's bucket list. First, he needs to find the perfect replacement chef.

When Ewan conducts a series of cooking competitions to find the right fit, the underdog ex-footballer takes him by surprise. Dean's unlikely culinary talent brings a storm of emotions into the kitchen. Sparks fly between them, and an illicit attraction ignites more than the sizzling hotplates. But acting on it could ruin Ewan's reputation and Dean's chance at the job of a lifetime.

Struggling to resist the tempting flavours of forbidden love, their whirlwind affair threatens both of their dreams. Can they navigate the treacherous waters of romance without sacrificing what they both need? Or will their passion leave them with a taste too delicious to resist?

Highland Fling is a forbidden lovers, age gap, found family standalone novel in the steamy contemporary Flying into Love MM romance series, featuring a fiery Scottish chef too used to his own way and a determined ex-footballer desperate to prove he’s more than a pretty face.

Heather's Review:

A cooking competition for a job in Executive Chef and owner, Ewan Grant's kitchen turns steamy when Dean Fraser goes off menu with the reclusive chef... and it's chef kiss amazing!

I loved the twists, the turns, the snark and the steam!  I also love the compassion that both men exhibit, the family connections and the twists and turns this relationship takes.  I also truly love the ending, but you'll have to read the book to see why... no spoilers here!

This book can easily be read standalone, but I've loved all of the Flying into Love books so I suggest you dig in.   They can be read in any order though, as they are not interconnected stories.

Miki J's review:

This one will certainly tug on your heart-strings. Very well written story that just sucks you right in...like a very good reality tv show....but without the cheap dramatics. Don't get me wrong, there's plenty of angst and drama along with humour, romance and grumpiness......and the restraint between the MC's was so palpable, it was seriously getting me antsy !!!! Doesn't mean that the steam was just in the kitchen though ...hehehehehe Both MC's are charming and they have fought hard to get where they are ...and that next step seems so insurmountable .... but they do get their HEA, after the tears and "oh no he didn't" moments !! I absolutely adore this series and you can for sure read them as standalones !!

Highland Fling is currently available as an e-book and paperback and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription