Hell's Kitten: An MM Daddy Romance (Paddle Creek Daddies Book 5) by HJ Welch

Kitten play and a hot biker Daddy? Hell's Kitten is the next adorable installment from the Paddle Creek Daddies series from Helen Juliet writing as HJ Welch.

From the blurb:

One grumpy biker. One sunshine kitten. Could it be a purr-fect love?


Okay, so maaayyybbee surprising my boyfriend was a bad idea, especially since apparently he already has a boyfriend and it isn’t me. My only option for now is to sleep in my car. That is until the big, bad, tattooed biker who owns the cat cafĂ© insists on letting me stay with him. I swore off men, but the way he dotes on me has me falling for him fast. My inner kitten is out of the bag, and there’s no putting him back now.


I’m a terrible Daddy. My last kitten told me that. Words and emotions are tough for me. But when the perfect boy drops into my lap, how can I refuse? Rescuing strays is what I do. It’s only so long that I can resist this beautiful kitten and his bubbly personality. But someone in town has it out for me and my fellow bikers, branding us troublemakers. I can’t let Jessie be dragged down with me, not when it puts everything he’s worked so hard for at risk. I swore I’d do anything to protect him. Even if that means letting him go.

Hell's Kitten is a steamy, standalone MM romance. It’s the fifth book in the Paddle Creek Daddies series, where it’s always the quiet ones who get up to the best kind of trouble. This book features first-time kitten play, two broken hearts, a cheerleading championship, far too many black cats to count, enough love for nine whole lives, and a guaranteed HEA with absolutely no cliffhanger.

Jacquie's Review:

Kitten play is just the best. Pair that with an outwardly grumpy tattooed man who is an inner marshmallow, loves cats, rescues cats, and owns a cat cafe? Winner.

I knew immediately that I would love this book, and it didn't disappoint.

Nim, a prickly biker guy with a heart of gold, initially upsets Jessie but goes out of his way to make it up to him, inviting him to stay with Nim and even offering work.

The pair get to know each other some before anything happens between them and Nim helps Jessie realize he's a kitten. 

Their dynamic is sweet and there's some kitten time, steamy scenes and a plot with the mayor.

This book can be read as a standalone and I'd recommend it in a heartbeat.

Heather's Review:

Steamy, sweet and surrounded by kittens and cats... yes, please!  Even before they get involved, Nim is the protective daddy type, looking out for and protecting Jessie, even beyond what he really should... that doesn't mean this book is without angst, there's a lot of outside angst that eventually bleeds into the relationship, but it's balanced with adorable kitten play, some of the amazing Paddle Creek side characters and a budding relationship between the bristly biker and his kitten who finds his claws when needed.

This book can be read standalone if you're just in it for the kittens, but the whole Paddle Creek series is lovely and you'll understand more about the dynamic and some of the side character cameos if you've read the series.

Hell's Kitten is available to buy as an e-book or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.