Heart2Heart: A Paranormal Charity Anthology (Collection), Volume 7 by Macy Blake, Grae Bryan, Kiki Clark, Eliot Grayson, Tavia Lark, Mika Nix , Pandora Pine, Taylor Rylan, Lark Taylor, Alice Winters


Each year, Heart2Heart gathers together a group of stories just in time for Valentines Day, all with a common theme of the H2H app - this year upgraded with CUPID - bringing the lonely hearts together. This volume features paranormal creatures of all species getting their HEA. This anthology is for the benefit of LGBTQ+ Charities.

From the Heart2Heart Paranormal Collection blurb:

Once upon a time, a bunch of authors wondered… what would happen if Heart2Heart, the mystical matchmaking app adored across the supernatural world, brought in an absolute legend to help them find true love?

This Valentine’s Day, the sunshiny necromancer, the lonely vampire, and the nonbinary dragon will put their trust in H2H and a certain cheeky cherub of romance. Will Cupid’s arrows strike true?

As always, all proceeds from this anthology will benefit LGBTQ+ charities to ensure that love in all its incarnations will be celebrated and protected every single day of the year!

Stories included in this collection are:

You Can’t Spell Necromancer Without Romance, by Alice Winters
Hot Date, by Eliot Grayson
Sweet Treats, by Grae Bryan
Looking 4 Furever, by Kiki Clark
Locked in Love, by Lark Taylor
Love Me Love My Dogs, by Macy Blake
Not So Cupid, by Mika Nix
Starry Night, by Pandora Pine
The Hidden God of Open Doors, by Tavia Lark
Love Under the Sea, by Taylor Rylan

Jacqueleen the Reading Queen's Review:

You Can’t Spell Necromancer Without Romance by Alice Winters

"I feel like I'm in a very strange porno."

This novella was very on brand for an Alice Winter's book. It was a super quick read, I read it in about an hour, and it had me smiling the whole time. Sylvan was an adorable little firecracker! And his undead "minions" were a source of great laughter, especially Paul and Johnny. Axton definitely has his work cut out for him with that man. Not to the level that Jackson does with Leland, but Sylvan will be keeping Axton on his toes!

Not So Cupid by Mika Nix

"Roo is different. Special. I feel it in my bones. He's the one."

These sweet as candy stories are just so much lovable fluff. Roo and Wes were so cute! I loved how Roo was Cupid's brother, yet he was the jaded one when it came to love. Wes was like a breath of fresh air. He was so unapologetically himself.

This was very much an instalove story, but that is often the case with fated mates. These men were absolutely perfect for each other. They shared so much in common and their bedroom preferences lined up just right. Fate definitely was on her A game the day she matched those two.

Sheena's Review:

You Can’t Spell Necromancer Without Romance by Alice Winters

What a way to kick off the anthology.  I don't think I've read any Alice Winters before but I'm certainly going to rectify that now, I just loved this story.  I love when authors take the necromancer mythology and turn it on its' head, and I just adored Sylvan.  He is definitely not your typical necromancer, and Axton is not your typical hero.  What follows is some hilarious shenanigans involving the undead, a spurned lover/seer, fated mates and the two most hilarious undead henchmen ever.  Chaos, but wonderful.  

Hot Date by Eliot Grayson

Another fun story with an unlucky in love man who is suffering from horrific migraines, and just wants nothing more than to be cuddled, adored and looked after.  So what better way than to summon a demon to possess him which will theoretically rid him of the crippling migraines.  Using what ingredients he has, David summons Xan, who it turns out has been watching him and waiting for his opportunity to come through and be with him.  This is hot,  hilarious and ultimately satisfying to see the horrific ex get some comeuppance.  I really enjoyed this. 

Sweet Treats by Grae Bryan

Perri is a pixie, and is the ultimate ball of sunshine and helpfulness I've ever seen in a story.  I don't think I've read a pixie in a story before, and I don't know why not because I loved him.  Perri just wants to be taken seriously after so many men only wanting him for a short time, or thinking he's not serious enough.  Perri has taken a shine to Tobias, who is the polar opposite of Perri - he's serious, a homebody, an accountant and has been accused of being boring more than once.  When the app matches them up, it's a disastrous first date, but all turns out right for both in the end, and it's as sweet a story as the title suggests.  I adored Perri and he made me laugh out loud more than once, he's so cute and sweet and adorable and I'm glad I 'met' him and got to see his HEA.  

Angel's Review:

Looking 4 Furever by Kiki Clark

I absolutely adore Kiki's writing, I love their books and this short is just as exceptional as her full length books. Rance and Dean's story is so adorable, and I really enjoyed how the fated mate trope was handled differently. The ending is my favorite part, it's so adorable!

Locked In Love by Lark Taylor

Lark knows how to write really good books with characters that pack a punch. I'm honestly in awe of how much she put into this story even though it's a short. I absolutely adore Lochlan and Ash, and Lochlan being a water mage was really intriguing to me! I've read books with them before but never where one can control blood as well, that was really unique!

Love Me Love My Dogs by Macy Blake

These stories just keep getting cuter, and cuter! I haven't read many stories by Macy, but the ones I have read have been astounding. And this one is no different! I love the dynamic between George and Braxton, their snarky/sassy banter is hilarious to read! George running his own rescue, and taking care of so many dogs is so sweet, and I love his character! A person who loves dogs and cares for them so passionately is a good person in my book. Fictional or otherwise. I also enjoyed Braxton accepting all the chaos that came with George's pack, they were so excited to meet George's pack, and they accepted all of their loudness. I also liked how Braxton's character was nonbinary, I liked how their character was written, it's really cool to see different genders/sexualities being written about. I loved Kendra's character, her being a kitchen witch is so cool!!

The Hidden God Of Open Doors by Tavia Lark

I've never read anything by this author before, and I was blown away by this book! The writing itself was really well detailed, the pacing was great, and the characters are fantastic! Rune and Raider both are so unique and I love that they each stand out individually. I've never read about a character who's magic is whatever he believes in, that's really cool and is unique to this book.

Love Under The Sea by Taylor Rylan

I don't think I've ever read a PNR book that has a character who is a koala shifter, that was such a delightful surprise when I read that in this book! And for there being a gorilla shifter as well is so unique and exciting!! I definitely enjoyed how both Charlie and Silver weren't expecting much from the date, and yet when they met each other, their entire outlook changed. I adored the fact that they prioritized communication before they did anything else, I found that to be very important and I'm glad that Rylan wrote that into their story.

While I have yet to be able to read the full anthology, these stories that were in the part I did receive and was able to read were extraordinary! Every single one was so detailed, was written very well, had terrific characters, and we're all different and unique in their own way!

Heart2Heart Paranormal Collection is available for a very limited time so grab your copy today in paperback or e-book.  It can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited subscription