Dragonking by S. Rodman

DragonKing is the final entry in the DragonKin series, an MMM paranormal romance which completes the series, and really needs to be read in order.  

From the blurb:

Dragons. Destiny. Duty.

The sum of my life. All that I am.

Yet I wish to be more than that. I wish to be a worthy partner for my lovers.  

I now have immense prestige and power, more than I could ever have imagined.

Yet all I truly want is Kirby and Harlen.

Does that make me selfish?

Those months we spent alone in the cottage together have become my touchstone. My strength, and my hope for the future. For what do warriors fight for, if not a chance for peace and love?

But the whole world is at stake, not just my happiness. I cannot afford to be selfish.

There are enemies in every corner. A dizzying dance of politics to play. I have dragon eggs to protect, my lovers to keep safe and dragon riders to lead.

War is brewing.

Can I win, or am I destined to lose everything?

DragonKing is the third and final book of the DragonKin series. Each book picks up where the last left off, so they need to be read in order.

Some content may disturb some readers. If required, please use the ‘Look Inside’ or sample feature to check the copyright page for further information. Alternatively, please visit the author’s website.

Angel's Review:

I'm sad to see this mystical series end! I love getting immersed in this world filled with dragons, magic users, and the two different creatures that are trying to inhabit earth.

I thought that this book was a really great way to wrap up this series. I thought the way it ended was so beautiful, and it made a lot of sense for the characters. The writing was done well, I thought the pacing was a little off... It seemed a bit slow and dragged out to me, but it didn't deter from enjoying the overall storyline.

I adored seeing Cai grow more as a person, along with him becoming the dragon kind.. that's honestly so cool! Cai struggled with opening up to his partners, but throughout the course of this story he started to open up to Kirby and Harlen more, which I found really beautiful. I love Eerie's character, I really hope that at some point we can get his story, I think it would be really amazing to read from his POV.

The way the storyline was wrapped up was done very beautifully, I absolutely adored the ending! Each of these characters grew throughout this series and it's truly been an amazing time to go on this journey with them.

My favorite part about this book is the baby dragons!!! Their descriptions are so cute! I want to cuddle baby dragons!

DragonKing is available in hard cover, paperback and e-book formats and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited subscription.