Dating a Demon (Dallying with Demons Book 1) by Amy Padilla


Dating a Demon starts a new series from a debut author - with demons existing as part of human society and finding love. Callum never planned to fall for a human, but there is no denying Brandon excites him like no other. And Brandon doesn't care that Callum is a demon, he has never met anyone that appreciates Brandon for himself.

From the blurb:

Brandon had gone his whole life without experiencing the kind of connection that he’d always wanted. So when his best friend offers to set him up on a blind date, he decides it can’t hurt to try. He never expected Callum. He’s bigger, taller, and more dominant, and exactly what Brandon had always hoped for. He's also a demon. 

Callum didn’t usually date humans. It was a rule he and his friends had followed since the integration. But one night with Brandon wasn’t enough for him. And there’s more to their connection than what happens in bed. Something he’d only ever heard about, and never dreamed would be his.

But when the outside world starts poking at their budding relationship, they both need to decide if the feelings stirring in their chest are worth the fight. Or if this was always meant to be one night.

Tags: Shy giants, Sexy Demons, Brandon finally isn’t the biggest guy in the room, experimenting, flirting, pet names, Brandon gets to be the little spoon, mates, sassy oracles know too much, jealous best friends, brothers are annoying, Callum makes them regret it, cuddles, sixty nines, adorable fluff, a little bloodshed, and lots of spice.

SNik's Review:

First in series (Dallying with Demons). Paranormal. Mates. Hurt/comfort. Found family. Dual POV. Heed content warnings. 

Even though paranormals are a part of society, Brandon doesn’t expect his blind date to be a demon, especially not one that can give him everything he longs for in the bedroom. Callum has always stuck to his “no dating a human” rule, but when he meets Brandon he can’t resist how sweet and flustered the man gets, and Callum can’t believe how right it feels whenever they are together. There is quite a bit of angst outside of the relationship, but whenever it’s just Brandon and Callum there is high steam and tender moments. 

I enjoyed Callum’s caring and directness with Brandon, and Brandon’s acceptance and appreciation for Callum, so their quick feelings and strong connection made sense for them. A well-written debut, I really enjoyed the supportive friends and look forward to learning more about the group of Callum’s friends as they also find their mates.

Molly Otto's Review: 

Promising beginning for a new author. Some parts took me a while to get into and understand where the author was headed, but by the finish, it was wrapped up nicely. Leaving the reader curious to see how this series will be headed in the future.

The dynamic of the couple just took me longer than I like for a book under 200 pages. But as I said, once they clicked for me, it worked well. Especially for a debut novel well done, and I will try more from this author in the future to see how they grow into their voice and writing style.

Angel's Review:

Amy Padilla is a new-to-me author, I don't think I've read anything from this author previously. Upon reading this book, I found that I quite enjoy her writing style. The way she wrote Callum and Brandon's character was done quite well, and I love the world she created! The concept of paranormals merging with the human world is something I found quite cool.

Even though Callum is a demon and everyone assumes he's a monster, he is anything but that. He cares deeply for his friends and family, and he especially cares for Brandon. I really enjoyed the dynamic between Callum and Brandon, I thought their relationship was written really well.

All of the side characters were great! They each added their own contribution to the overall story, which I really liked and enjoyed. I wish we got to know what exactly happened to the humans who were so cruel to Brandon, but alas, we are left to wonder about that.

Overall I found the book quite good, I do wish that there weren't as many steamy scenes as there are, but I do understand why there were so many. Considering these two met on the premise of being a hookup I get why this is a high steam story, I just personally enjoy when there's more story and less steam. But that's just a personal preference!

Dating a Demon is currently available in paperback and e-book format and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited subscription.