Betrayed: Lords of Chaos MC (Road to Carnage Series) by Nicholas Bella

Betrayed is the next episode in the Lord of Chaos series. There is so many different events taking place and many characters all interconnected. It is hard to set aside

From the blurb: 

Hell comes in designer suits and with an attitude. The Lords of Chaos MC and the Castiello Family are well aware of the threat that looms over them. They have to tread carefully because the Jade Dragon Triad isn’t to be taken lightly whatsoever. 

Demir Balik always stands ready for action as one of the Castiello’s highly-trained assassins. Now that he’s also a member of the Lords, he’s ready to kill anyone who poses a threat to his lover, Wolf, especially the Jade Dragon Triad.

Montgomery William-Price is a man born into money and one of the hottest and most coveted Doms at the Scarlet Letter BDSM club. Unfortunately for him, he’s caught the eye of a young man whom he finds utterly annoying, Ren. If that weren’t enough for him to worry about, his father’s poor business decisions have put their company in financial ruin. On the brink of bankruptcy, he gets an offer that he can’t refuse… not if he wants to live.

Ajay Khanna didn’t plan on getting into a relationship while doing his time in prison. It was supposed to be simple. But, no matter how hard he tried to fight his feelings for the giant, burly, and utterly sexy biker, Tim Davis, he lost. And that would be perfectly fine if only Tim knew who he really was. Can their relationship survive the truth?

Ren Mujin is the youngest son of the Dragonhead of the Jade Dragon Triad, so it goes without saying, that he doesn’t know the meaning of the word “no”. And when he hears it several times from the one man who makes his dreams wet, he decides to take matters into his own hands. He plans to get the sexy Dom at all costs.

Da Han Mujin, Dragonhead of the Jade Dragon Triad, is a man who always gets what he wants. And he wants all of the Chicago territory. That and his gorgeous new bodyguard, Jun De, who is trying to keep their relationship professional. Well, that just won’t do for Da Han.

"The Road to Carnage Series” is an electrifying tale of crime and passion where loyalties and love will be tested. It will take you on an intense ride through the savage and sultry world of the Lords of Chaos. Not for the faint of heart as this series is wild AF. This book is a part of a series where the story evolves as new characters are introduced. HFN/HEA. Not a standalone.

Reed Kaye's Review: 

There is so much to this story I’m not sure I know where to begin.

Monty is trying to save his company that has been in the family for generations. His dad has caused it to have more financial problems than Monty can fix. The solutions are not anything Monty wants.
Ren is the spoiled brat that isn’t happy even when he gets what he wants.

Ajax (Milan) and TT play a big part in this story. Ajax’s life has major changes.

Demir, while involved, seems to just be on the outside of major events…more yet to happen.

Vitra and Da Han are major players but then again naturally since they are incharge characters they have to be involved.

There are many more characters and side events going on so keeping track of all the characters and where they fit sometimes got challenging for me but they are all interconnected.

I was enjoying the story and was to the point I was ignoring all around me when it stopped. It didn’t come to an end but rather got to an intense part and stopped. This caused me frustration.

I really enjoyed the story. The characters can get a little overwhelming to keep track of at times but they all fit together.

The pace of the story moved right along.

Since this is an ongoing story I should have expected the stopping but I wish some of the characters would have been more resolved so I didn’t feel so unsettled. This series is really more episodes rather than each couple or event having a resolution while the overall group continues.

Now I have to wait for the next episode.

Betrayed is currently available as paperback.